What is a software testing architect?

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Software testing architect is a new position, but it is indeed a very necessary position. The article details the new career of software testing architect, hoping to help you.

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SoftwareTest architectIt is a new position, but it is indeed a very necessary position, mainly including:

1. According to the V model and generalized test concepts, the earlier the (static) test, the earlier the defect is found, the more favorable the product quality, the faster the product development cycle, and the lower the enterprise cost. It is more important to prevent serious design defects. If a design defect occurs, rework will be terrible when the system set test finds a problem. This requires review and review of the design. In this process, testers are required to participate.

2. the current system is becoming more and more complex, regardless of the J2EE architecture or. NET architecture, whether it is a centralized network system or a distributed system, whether it is a host system or a server cluster system, its design is often not achieved overnight, and it should be designed based on previous experience, optimize the system structure based on the lessons learned (identified issues.

3. the more complex the software system is and the more functions it provides, the higher the test requirements are. This determines that the system must have good testability. This is ensured by the development and design architects, not very safe.

4. system performance, security, stability, and reliability tests have high requirements on technology, platform environment construction, and system deployment.

As a software testing architect, the main responsibilities are:

1. Review the design of system architecture, system components/components and their interface relationships

2. Ensure system Testability

3. Design testing strategies and methods for software systems, especially in terms of system performance, security, stability, and reliability.

4. Component Complex System test environment, analyze and solve deep technical problems (troubleshooting) in the test, and help isolate defects.

5. analyze and evaluate the system (performance, security, stability, and reliability) tests, and propose suggestions for Design Modification and code reconstruction to improve the system performance and reliability.

6. design the technical framework for automated testing and host the research, evaluation, and design of important testing tools

7. participate in system deployment Design

8. participate in evaluation and introduction of new technologies

9. helps improve the test process and test efficiency

At the same time, it is very difficult to recruit software testing architects. The main reasons are:

1. for most engineers and architects with good technology, they have less attention to process management, testing strategies and methods, quality, and lack of understanding. They lack good knowledge in the field of RUP or CMM/cmme. However, there are not many testing engineers who have little technical opportunities, insufficient efforts, and insufficient technical skills. Therefore, there are not many people who have strong capabilities in the system architecture and testing methods.

2. at present, there are still prejudices in the domestic industry. technical personnel with superb technology and rich experience are more willing to develop and do not want to perform tests, this phenomenon is occasionally manifested in the company's salary system, or the company's management's insufficient attention and determination.

3. The development of domestic testing Majors is relatively late. Naturally, in the talent market, there are not many experienced and professional testing engineers, let alone skilled testing architects.

4. The software testing architect's positioning is unclear, and the enterprise has not given clear responsibilities and work content.

5. As the technical staff grows older, they tend to develop towards management. Most enterprises' policies are also guided in this regard. For example, the salary for a manager or vice president is higher than that for a pure technician. In fact, in most foreign-invested enterprises, a strong Technician (Architect) is likely to be higher than his/her boss.

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