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So, what is a cloud fortress machine?

Generally speaking, the operation of the fortress host is a powerful defense and security audit capabilities of the server. Based on the concept of springboard, as a security audit monitoring point in the internal and external network, in order to achieve the security of all sites to focus on a server to solve, thus saving time and effort. At the same time, the operation of the fortress host also has, the operation of the remote logins for the central management function.

Why do businesses need cloud fortress machines?

In recent years, frequent data security incidents, including the Snowden incident, Hillary Mail scandal and Ctrip, and so on, data security and prevention of disclosure become a government and enterprises are very concerned about the issue, so the cloud fortress machine also emerged.

Case A

Let's review the most representative data leaks triggered by security incidents, the famous Snowden event in the United States. In June 2013, the Washington Post reported that the NSA and the FBI launched a covert surveillance program code-named "Prism" in 2007 to tap data and gather information directly into the hub servers of US internet companies. Pier Wu ┚, mu ⒎ gun, wild tread, con exhausted?? The gun, the field, the 馄, the Gai, the middot, the snow.

If the Snowden event were to take place today, it would not have happened, because we have a fortress machine! The Administrator role can set up sensitive operations in advance interception, things in the disconnect, after the audit, and can do without agent real-time monitoring. External personnel like Snowden will not be able to access these sensitive information, let alone leaked it. And some of the cloud Fortress Support video screen function can also help users to audit and accountability.

Case Two

May 28, 2015 from 11 o'clock in the morning to 8 o'clock, in a travel platform official website and app login, orders or transactions, jump all have problems, resulting in the operation can not be successfully completed. caused a huge direct economic loss, according to the data released in its last quarter's earnings, the average downtime was $1.0648 million per hour.

Finally, the platform responds to this issue because the employee mistakenly removed the execution code on the server. Whether it's a hacker attack or an employee misoperation, the 8 million-dollar experience of real gold and silver has taught us that we need to focus on data security and backup! The Cloud Fortress function solves these 2 problems, one is the attack surface is small, two are customizable two machine backup.

The above facts show that the cloud Fortress machine on the importance of security is self-evident.

The problem is, what kind of fortress machine is safe and easy to use fortress machine?

1. Springboard machine

The springboard belongs to the category of internal control fortress, and is a kind of host application system for single point landing. The springboard is a server, maintenance personnel in the maintenance process, the first to be unified login to this server, and then from this server login to the target device for maintenance. However, the springboard does not realize the operation of the operator control and audit, in addition, the springboard has serious security risks, once the springboard system was scored, the back-end resource risk completely exposed.

For individual resources (such as Telnet) can be through the springboard to complete a certain internal control, but for more and more special resources (FTP, RDP, etc.) it seems powerless.

2, Yun-Wei fortress machine

People gradually realize the shortage of springboard, need to update, better security technology concept to achieve operational management, need a kind of role management and authorization, information resources access control, Operation Records and audit, system change and maintenance control requirements, and generate some statistical reports with management norms to continuously enhance it internal control of the compliance products. Around 2005, the fortress machine began to be widely deployed as an independent product form, effectively reducing operational risk, making operation and maintenance operations simpler and more secure.

3, Cloud Fortress machine

Fort now products in the function of more mature, with the help of cloud computing platform, Cloud Fortress in the interactive nature of resources, ease of use, cost-effective, maintenance costs, product safety and other aspects have been further upgraded, especially to solve the past single point of failure, become the preferred enterprise.

4, "cloud box" comprehensive security management

The "cloud box" has the following five feature highlights:

(a) Prior access, the matter in the control, after the audit, and can do without agent real-time monitoring.

(ii) Analysis of massive, multi-source data

(c) He also uses his new proprietary intellectual property storage technology, greatly saving storage space

(iv) own the highest level of security, free from internal personnel to the theft of important data, as well as external malicious attacks and intrusion

(five) in use, can also do double backup, logic series, physical parallel, will not affect user use and experience.

Cloud Box--4a Comprehensive security management, not only fortress machine (free trial one months)


Are you still worried about the fact that employees are sensitive? How do I perform a quick audit of an internal worker and visualize it? How to manage the outsourcing staff? These problems, "cloud box" can solve for you. Don't hesitate, in the Ali so market search column searches "cloud box", look forward to meeting you!

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