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RTX Architecture Full Name reversed Technology Extended, the Chinese definition can be understood as inverted 38 degree design. The RTX chassis is simply the ATX inverted version, except that the motherboard installation direction has been turned 180 degrees and ATX is no different. After turning upside down, the cover changes from left to right and the power is placed at the bottom of the chassis. But the motherboard is also an ATX motherboard. This results in the thermal layout and power interface distance will change, heard than the normal 38 degree ATX Chassis can be 5 degrees lower.

Introducing the RTX architecture chassis, you have to mention 2 predecessors: ATX and BTX. ATX's English is all called at External, a normative structure of the PC that Intel released in 1995-extends the at type structure, the ATX Board standard, and the chassis that is derived under the ATX specification is also known as the ATX chassis. The market then appeared BTX (Balanced Technology eXtended). BTX is very similar in design concept to ATX, only through the installation location optimization of accessories, so that the architecture can significantly improve the system's thermal performance and reduce noise. BTX's wish is good, but it backfired, BTX received the consumer's indifference after the enthusiasm of the manufacturer. The reason for this is complex, and the root cause is that the consumer does not actually feel the BTX functional advantage.

BTX did not succeed in replacing ATX as the market darling, and the ATX architecture continues to be a big hit in the chassis market. Of course not in silence broke out in silence died, if the CAG 1.1 and TAC 2.0 is for the ATX architecture of the small change, then the power supply chassis has led the entire industry changes, vigorously promote the development of the chassis, has won the favor of many DIY enthusiasts.

The power supply chassis is a work modified on the ATX basis. Through the ingenious power supply down to achieve a good cooling effect. It is well known that the traditional power supply chassis due to the upper cluster power supply, CPU and CPU power supply 3 parts of the large heat. Therefore, according to the physical law of rising hot air, the fan on the power supply, in addition to cooling itself, also inhaled the CPU and power to bring a lot of heat. No matter whether the power supply or the CPU Halo can not be a reasonable shunt cooling. The power supply is placed to solve this problem. The power supply will form an independent cooling of the CPU and the power supply. In addition, the rear-line system is introduced into the rear power supply chassis. The original power supply a large number of idle wire piled in the chassis will seriously affect the cooling air duct, through will now hidden in the back of the plate, will form unimpeded cooling air duct, bringing the whole machine temperature 3-5 degrees down. So with the back line function of the power supply chassis has become the current market 200 yuan above the mainstream chassis.

After years of mature development of the chassis industry, when we all think that there is no great technological innovation. Some of the domestic focus on the back line of the brand several engineers have suddenly been inspired by the past works, through further optimization of chassis key parts layout, for everyone to bring a new creative-RTX architecture. RTX Architecture Full Name reversed Technology Extended, Chinese meaning can be understood as inverted 38 degree design. The RTX architecture is inverted with an ingenious motherboard, with the power supply down and back line system. After a scientific test found that the CPU heat efficiency and the central tower back line chassis to maintain the same level, and the thermal performance of the graphics card can continue to explore 2-5 degrees. In the past, it solves the problem that the back-wire chassis needs the power supply of the long wire, which brings more reasonable space utilization. Therefore, the RTX architecture is expected to become an ATX, BTX after the third generation of mainstream architecture.

Advantages of RTX Chassis

First: The end of the traditional back-line chassis requires an ultra long back-line power history, the motherboard inverted CPU position and power position significantly shortened. So any ordinary power supply can complete the back line, ordinary consumers do not have to pay a high price to enjoy the use of back line to bring fun.

Second: Optimize the cooling air duct to form a horizontal cooling system. RTX chassis motherboard upside down, the video card turned over to be the owner located on the CPU. The large cooling fan at the top of the chassis will give priority to the video card to assist in cooling, while keeping the CPU temperature unaffected. The horizontal duct heat is more excellent.

Third, optimize the internal space utilization of the chassis. Because the video card is on, the corresponding chassis CD-ROM location, so it will not top to the hard drive to create a small chassis space problem. With no optical drive installed, the longest supported video card is close to the overall chassis length. Therefore, reduce future chassis investment upgrades.

Rtx Horizontal Duct

RTX chassis recommended the use of horizontal cooling duct. The horizontal air duct combination consists of a front inlet, a rear exhaust, a top exhaust and a passive negative pressure inlet. The use of this duct with the back line, on the original basis will be the overall cooling of the machine to bring a clear 2-5 degrees of cooling. And with the video card and CPU cooling effect to improve the most obvious. If you do not need to install too many fans, please mainly retain the top 2 exhaust fan mainly! Other fans are added as appropriate to their needs.

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