What is CAE encapsulation?

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A part may have several logical functions, for example, 7404. If there are six revertors, there are six reverse functions.

Of course, you can draw six pictures together, but they are painted separately. Therefore, there are six identical logical functions, six CAE icons of the same type (or six identical logical functions)

For example, the custom gal and CPLD may have several different functions, such as serial-parallel conversion. You can draw a CAE image for each of them to represent a function. In this way, one part can have multiple functions. Multiple CAE packages are encapsulated.

PS: indicates the number of functions of a part. All functions are displayed in CAE encapsulation.

That is, all the logic of the circuit must be expressed using CAE.

A group of CAE of a part is to define a part. A part may have multiple CAE, but all and all functions, all CAE entries in that part are displayed in sch.

CAE encapsulation components: Part 3

1 is the logical symbol, 2 is the node (terminal, terminal), and 3 is the pins

So what is pin encapsulation?

It is a pin model. There are several pin types. In the Sch circuit diagram, you have to choose each time and draw different shapes through line manually ???? Draw the same shape ?????

Therefore, pin encapsulation occurs. In fact, CAE encapsulation, or pin encapsulation, or, or even encapsulation, is incorrect. It should be said that it is classs, similar to the class in Java, that is, definition, and pin encapsulation is a class, in CAE, it is the idea of pin. CAE is implemented in sch. One can be implemented, multiple can be implemented, and multiple classes can be formed into an object or a class, repeat multiple objects.

In fact, pin and terminal correspond one to one. A general logical symbol may have many terminal. Each terminal corresponds to one pin, but each specific terminal can be the same pin, or different pin characters.

These are all symbols in CAE for display purposes, and there is no circuit design problem.

However, a terminal must have a pin, an input or output node, and a channel that matches other components in the circuit or links to the network.

With CAE encapsulation (that is, the Sch circuit diagram logical functional Symbol Representation template), you can define the Sch parts, because one part may have multiple identical, or different CAE packages (Logical Functions). Therefore, CAE encapsulation is part of Sch parts and the most important start point.

In a word, CAE encapsulation is the symbolic representation of a logical functional unit (of course, a logical unit may have one function or multiple functions, one part may have multiple logical functions)

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