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DNS is used whenever you use the Internet. Every time you send an email or surf the web, you have to rely on DNS. DNS is responsible for mapping between host names and Internet addresses, which is handled by the computer, and latency occurs if the process of connecting to a DNS server is delayed or if the DNS server resolves an address for an excessive length of time. And if you can speed up domain resolution in some way, you can speed up surfing the internet, here is an acceleration method: use OpenDNS.

A There are three characteristics of OpenDNS:

1.OpenDNS has a more secure feature. Opendn can identify and block phishing (Phishing) sites, just like a checkpoint between your website and you to protect your security.

2.OPEN DNS has a faster feature. It is faster than normal DNS: Two features ensure faster OpenDNS, first with a large, intelligent cache, which ensures that users can benefit from the vast OpenDNS user base; OpenDNS has a high-performance geographically distributed network and multiple redundant backup connections, It will be based on your access to choose the nearest geographical location, you can not use the telecommunications or Netcom to provide DNS resolution, so as to avoid being already started rogue telecommunications or netcom domain name hijacking, advertising and other problems.

The 3.OpenDNS has a more stable characteristic. It can automatically correct spelling errors: If you accidentally enter a URL with a spelling error (such as a missing letter), OpenDNS can also guide you to the correct website or provide a search list of similar sites. such as input WWW.GOOGLE.CMO, will automatically go to www.google.com

OpenDNS Setting Method:

OpenDNS's primary DNS server is, and the secondary server is To use a OpenDNS server, just tell your computer to use the server. I. If you are using Windows XP, first select from the Start menu to the Control Panel--> network Connection--> Local Area Connection--> Properties--> Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)--> General--> Use Select "Use the following DNS server address" at the bottom of the screen. For a Preferred DNS server, enter this address: For an alternate DNS server, enter this address: Click "OK" and click "Close" in turn. Restart the PC so that the settings will take effect. ---http://www.bianceng.cn

Last access to this address: http://welcome.opendns.com/. If the page is displayed, it means that your opendns has been set up successfully.

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