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Making the Internet faster and safer OpenDNS new ways of surfing the internet

DNS is used whenever you use the Internet. Every time you send an email or surf the internet, you must rely on DNS. DNS is responsible for the ing between host names and interconnected network addresses, which is handled by computers. If the

Ubuntu tutorial-use OpenDNS to protect your computer

The Internet is a melting pot. Both good people and bad people can connect to the Internet like us. The bad guys who make virus infection into people's computers and the good ones who are seeking to protect people are all connected to the same

Dnscrypt How to use?

Dnscrypt is a tool released by OpenDNS that ensures security between the client and the DNS server. Dnscrypt, which runs as a DNS proxy, focuses on communication security between the client and the first-level DNS server, and can cache DNS

DNSMASQ (Simplified Chinese)

dnsmasq (Simplified Chinese)From ArchWiki Jump to:navigation, search Translation Status:This is the English page dnsmasq translation, the last translation time: 2012-06-18, click here to see the translation of the English page changes. DNSMASQ

Use DNS benchmark tools to optimize Domain Name Server Performance

Generally, the performance and timing problems of dns are caused by suspicious query results. In this case, no matter whether the dns is parsed or not, the consequences are the same. What should we do for actual problems such as long response time,

How to solve the slow way of Ubuntu Internet

Using Firefox and other browsers to surf the internet in Ubuntu is much slower than surfing the Internet in Windows, but careful people will find that the slow time is spent on DNS lookups. Then we can cache DNS in the native computer, that is, a Connection Reset Solution

From: I. Why can I access it without encryption? 1. Google Docs is often used to disseminate illegal information Google Docs has always been a tool for transmitting non-harmonious information,

To resolve DNS hijacking settings in Windows 8.1 systems

Some users who use the win8.1 system, when browsing the site, found that the site can not move, as if hijacked. So what exactly is the situation? The original DNS in mischief, so now go to see how to set up DNS, so that the site is lifted hostage Oh!

Use dnscrypt to solve the Dropbox connection problem caused by DNS pollution

Some time ago, Dropbox had never been accessible. I thought it was a wall, but it was not handled because of other things. Today I saw an article on the Internet and tried it myself, dropbox is accessible. There are two well-known reasons: one is

How can we solve the problem of "the address you entered cannot be resolved "?

-- Solution to computer hijacking by interconnected stars Solution to computer hijacking by interconnected starsMy computer was hijacked at China Telecom you enter most of the URLs, you will go to the

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