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When it comes to web design trends, no matter what the article comes up with: "Now particularly popular minimalist design," then what is minimalism? Minimalism is not only in the web design, like logo design, printing design, packaging design also have a corresponding minimalist style. Currently popular minimalist web design visual style is: the use of pure color and concise beautiful photos.

Minimalist web design Popular use of innovative navigation, not only easy-to-use, but also a simple beauty, in line with the minimalist "regression function" and "visual simplicity" of the dual concept. The simplicity of the look and ease of use does not mean minimalist web design is simple. In fact, the excellent minimalist style works require a complex design process.

There is a good minimalist design method is: First design a complex style of web pages, and then continue to simplify, back to basics.

So, what is basic? Let's take a look at this article.


Don't look down on a minimalist design because it looks simple, and don't follow the trend of minimalist design. If you design with both of these ideas, your minimalist design will generally not succeed. Why? Because you only see the surface. Although minimalist web design is now very popular, many sites are in this style, but in fact, minimalist style can not take all types of sites, and some sites with minimalist style is not appropriate.

When the content is less, combined with modern aesthetic style, minimalist design effect is the best.

Minimalist design often does not work when content is wide and Web sites are targeted to the public.

Like the Verge, the technology site, which is rich in content and updated every day, faces ordinary people.

There are too many elements on the page: ads, social media icons, buttons, articles. Simplification is very troublesome. Because all the elements are the most basic elements, has been reduced, and then reduced, the user will certainly reflect the problem.

Although this site looks very complex, but the browsing efficiency is very high. So this site is not suitable to use minimalist style.


Another common problem is that designers cut too much. Cause the website lacks the essential function, is difficult to understand, lacks the vigor, the interaction nature is poor.

Minimalist web design can take some beautiful pictures to do the background, or use interesting font design, or create a perfect sense of control and balance. If you don't do this, the page will look too flat.

The goal of minimalism is to make content visible by simplifying it. However, if the navigation elements are severely reduced, users can not understand the operation of navigation, then the natural inability to browse the content, it is not in line with minimalist goals.

For example, the design of the Pixelsapien website, some elements of the design is indeed commendable. "Our Work" This page uses a flat, minimalist icon (the icon itself is no problem, or even the design of the icon is great), it seems easy to understand.

But this is not a successful minimalist design, because it looks too boring, too rigid. Images, fonts, colors are too flat, the fully centered layout is too simple.

If you can improve the above points, the visual effects of this site will be very different.

By contrast grain and Gram look much better and look pretty.

But in order to achieve minimalism, many places are too dogmatic. For example, the icon, it seems that the identification is not high, blurred between each other, can be moderately modified to improve the degree of identification. The significance of minimalism lies in its ability to convey content in an excellent way.

Design elements

Building modern style design for modern people

Creative Products Agency Gigantic squid web design is not bad, very simple wind. Less text, more graphics, so that more intuitive image to speak.

Simple content is suitable for the simple style to express

Like minimalist music Quiz This site has only one purpose: to allow users to guess songs by displaying minimalist art poster designs.

This kind of website is very suitable to adopt minimalist style. First of all, and the site minimalist poster to guess the theme of the song match; second, like this small game, the simpler the more attractive users, and its third, more intuitive, more powerful.

A sense of contrast

Black and white photos combined with blue-green triangles, case 3D's website shows us the secret of their success: highly controlled shapes, textures, and colours.

Sense of Balance

The sense of balance can be accomplished by many means, Hennessy's web design uses one of these methods. The classic grid line layout, so that the Web page seems to have a long history and brand classic sense, other methods here do not repeat, please explore yourselves.


The exquisite sense of detail makes Stronghold's website beautiful and infinite, and this kind of detail minimalist design is very special. This is a high standard of minimalist design, not a certain skill of designers can not do.


The textural, handwritten typography on MailChimp's homepage uses the hand-painted font, lets the image live up suddenly, the overall simplicity is incomparable, the visual effect is very smooth, also has a kind of space feeling.


Adam Rudzki's personal site, visual and interactive experience is good, shape, line, dynamic and seamless cohesion, to ensure consistency with a clear degree of identification.


All the elements mentioned above are considered in minimalist design and are well combined.

The aim of minimalism is to improve communication by simplifying, but with less choice. Good minimalist design with smooth interactive, visually appealing, and wonderful experience.

Many designers benefit from minimalist design, some people find their own deficiencies in minimalist design, while others attract more users through minimalist design, so minimalism is a good choice no matter from which starting point.

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