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[It168 technology] It male often suffer from two kinds of news: The good news is that some girls have called; the bad news is that they just want you to install a computer.

This is frustrating, because it takes up to 10 minutes for you to get connected to the tornado and girls are about to send you back home (we will discuss how to delay time in the tornado as much as possible ). What many girls don't think of is that they miss a successful person (of course, most of them still fail) if they don't keep this enthusiastic it man ). Changing the hard disk may increase the speed of the operating system. If there seems to be no technical content, you may be able to make a big change. In history, many well-known products only integrate various technologies or parts, but they do not necessarily have any advanced technologies, such as the computers that Dell students assembled during their undergraduate courses. The NAS to be introduced in this article is also a collection of multiple IT technologies, and its history is not long enough. It has even created several top 500 enterprises.

NAS is short for network-attached storage. It is generally referred to as "network attached storage" or "network connected storage ". However, the patriotic insiders do not like the Chinese name, just as the country's uncle does not like to call the NBA "National Basketball League. We can understand NAS as a device that provides storage through the network. For example, if you share a directory on a Linux computer so that other Linux customers can access the Directory through the NFS protocol, this computer is a NAs in a certain sense. If you install software on this computer so that Windows users (through CIFS) and Linux users (through NFS) can access the shared directories on this computer, then this computer becomes a complete NAs. Generally, NAS supports CIFS, NFS, and other protocols, and some even support FTP, but not required. Demonstrate the roles of NAs in the enterprise environment. If you are not familiar with these protocols, you do not have to worry about them. We will discuss them in future articles.

Of course, the NAS mentioned above cannot be sold. Most enterprises choose NAs from companies such as EMC and netapp because they have features that are hard to implement on common file servers. First, let's give a brief introduction. Girls should polish their eyes to see how different things are from ordinary it guys.

I. High Performance. If we compare the performance of a file server to a bicycle, NAS is a BMW, which not only has high load capacity, but also has high speed (is this metaphor too vulgar ?). This is mainly achieved through optimization at multiple levels:

1. The NAS operating system is highly customized, removing unnecessary features and completely serving file transmission, improving the performance at the operating system level. This is just like the fact that athletes have to attach themselves to the game. EMC celerra's dart and netapp ONTAP are well-known NAS operating systems.

2. NAS supports lacp and other link aggregation protocols to increase network bandwidth. Data enters the NAs from the network, such as baichuan. If several rivers are combined, the traffic will increase.

3. High-Performance San can be used at the NAS backend. San improves performance through cache and raid mechanisms. RAID 0 and other technologies can achieve concurrent read/write through stripe (strip. The advantages of concurrent reading and writing can be understood through an analogy: for example, if a batch of files need to be input into the computer, it takes five days for the manager to type the files by himself. It can be done with five employees in one day.

4. NAS can perform another stripe operation on the backend logical volume (such as the Lun on the clariion) to maintain high performance under high load conditions. For example, if five batches of files need to be input into the computer, the general manager can divide them equally to five managers (equivalent to the logic of the Strip ), five managers are assigned to five employees (RAID strip ).

2. Avoid single point of failure to achieve high stability:

1. The NAS head has a standby slave (standby). Once the head is running and hurt, the slave can be automatically replaced.

2. When a network link fails, other links in the same channel group can continue to transmit data.

3. There are also multiple links from the NAS head to San. If one link fails, you can access it through another link.

4. Raid and hotspare technologies avoid data loss due to hard disk damage.

Iii. snapshots and backup technology ensure data security:

1. Many NAS products support Snapshot technology, which regularly takes snapshots of the file system and supports fast data recovery without occupying a large amount of space. For example, snapsure of EMC celerra and snapshot of netapp filer.

2. Support for the NDMP Protocol makes it easier to back up and restore NAS data, without occupying network resources.

4. Data Archiving and deduplication are supported, saving costs:

1. files that have not been used for a long time can be archived to lower-end storage, and the faster and more stable NAS storage space can be given to hot data. This process is transparent to the client. Both the filemover API of celerra and the fpolicy of netapp support this function.

2. Comrade Zhang has the same picture of hundreds of megabytes in "/photography technology/instructor Chen's topic" and "/Advanced Nature learning/activity mining", but they do not know each other. Is it a waste of space for NAs to save two identical data copies? Deduplication Technology retains only one copy of multiple files with the same content. It saves space and is transparent to users.

The above is only the tip of the iceberg of NAs. Next, I will explain the topics in detail. It seems boring to write it here. I want to write it easily and clearly. How can I use so many professional terms accidentally? It seems that the heroes have difficulties in writing documents.

Taking a wedding photo with NAS is definitely a good idea for girls. The cool black frame, the metal logo designed by the master, and various colors such as blue, green, and yellow are flashing. The whole is full of the aesthetic of science and technology. How amazing would it be if I put on a soft wedding dress and took a photo on NAs? I took a picture of Vera Wang's model and EMC vnx, and put it together to make it work.

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