What is the cause of the chassis leakage? What about the leakage of the chassis?

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I do not know if you have ever encountered the case of computer chassis leakage, when you touch a part of the body of the computer chassis shell, an instant there is a clear feeling of electricity. This is a common in our lives a kind of chassis leakage phenomenon, that this is normal? What is the cause of leakage of computer chassis, how to solve it? The following computer Pepsi Network Small series for you to introduce a detailed.

  One, about "chassis leakage"

Chassis electrification is a common problem, in most cases, our human contact with a safety voltage of less than 36V, so usually not easy to detect. Although the computer internal use of the voltage is less than 12V, the general computer leakage will not cause harm to the human body, but if we often encounter this situation, I believe that no one can endure the moment of "electric shock."

Chassis leakage Test

Want to confirm that your computer has a chassis leakage, you can take Tape or voltmeter to test, if found in the neon electroprobe in the red, this is the chassis leakage.

  Second, the chassis leakage is what reason?

There are two cases of leakage of the chassis, one is the long-term rainy, humid air so that the chassis electrostatic voltage is too high, the hands of the feeling of electricity! This situation, as long as the attention to strengthen ventilation, to ensure that indoor air as much as possible to dry bath, timely cleaning up the box inside the ash, especially the motherboard and the dust on the power supply.

In general, chassis leakage is mainly internal causes, through analysis is not difficult to find, to find those with the chassis have contact with the hardware on it. For example, the power supply is the most likely to cause leakage of the chassis, the other is the motherboard if the installation is not in place or, or some component pin touch with the chassis shell is also prone to leakage phenomenon.

  Third, the computer chassis leakage causes and solutions

  One of the key to the chassis leakage: power supply (the biggest culprit)

Solution: Disassemble The power supply, look at the power of the EMI circuit is complete, spacer components and power metal shell between the plastic film or mica has lost the effect of insulation, power supply, such as the internal capacitance, such as the presence of slurry, such as the problem, you can create a high temperature of plastic film, A shielding barrier is formed between the component and the power supply shell, and it is recommended to replace the power supply if it cannot be resolved.

  Chassis leakage Key of the second: motherboard

Solution: The motherboard leakage, the feeling of hand feel is relatively strong, almost with the power leakage, there will be obvious tingling pain. And the motherboard leakage will cause all the components are charged.

At this time, we'd better use the minimized system, on the one hand, make the platform easier to judge, on the other hand can avoid the hard disk and other parts of the test process unnecessary damage. First, see if all the capacitors on the motherboard are complete, and then check if any other cables have touched the components on the motherboard. It is best to be able to remove the motherboard, if it is also charged, that is, the motherboard internal alignment may have been deformed, the proposed replacement of the motherboard.

  Chassis leakage Key Three: the chassis itself

Solution: General chassis front panel rear, have a connection board audio, signal, switch, USB expansion of the PCB circuit board, we also need to check the circuit board and the wiring board to connect the wire has no insulation failure, components short-circuit, burned the situation, if there is, It can be repaired or replaced with the help of simple electrician knowledge and electrician tools.

  Chassis leakage Key of four: external wiring

Sometimes the computer leakage is not necessarily the internal cause of the computer chassis, such as the chassis and other electrical equipment placed too close or the chassis to touch the broken skin of the wire, this situation belongs to the external leakage.

Solution: Open the chassis, to see the wiring inside and outside the chassis, insulation package is not damaged, wire metal parts are not exposed to other accessories and chassis, there will be replaced immediately. or the direct selection of nylon nets wrapped wire, which can also play a better insulating effect. In the daily life we should pay attention to the computer wiring harness and power cord of the correct binding solution, to develop a love clean habit, not a lot of wire, cigarette butts everywhere.

  Written at the end:

1, for the general problem is not serious leakage, friends can take a wire to the chassis and metal grounding objects connected, put off the leakage can be, pay attention to grounding one you can receive a radiator, you can also receive aluminum alloy Windows superior Large area of metal grounding objects, directly connected to the floor effect is not good.

2, it is best to place the chassis in a more dry position, to avoid the more humid environment caused by short circuit, preventive.

3, for some old computer, if not cleaned up the dust for a long time, the internal will usually accumulate a large amount of dust, and these dust after damp, may be conductive, prone to leakage of the chassis or damage the computer hardware situation, it is recommended that the old computer every year to clean up dust, which is not only Also can help the computer internal cooling, improve hardware service life.

The computer cleans up the dust

4, generally speaking, the new computer chassis is not leakage, only the use of a long time, aging of the chassis leakage probability is large.

The above is the computer chassis leakage causes and solutions, if you feel this article can also be supplemented or there are problems, welcome in the comments below to exchange discussions.

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