What is the difference between a cloud server, a virtual host and a VPS

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Cloud server and virtual host, VPS are space products, virtual host is the first development of the basic space products, VPS is based on the virtual host derived from the configuration of a separate IP address of the better virtual space, cloud server and VPS is the most similar, is also based on the virtual host developed, More powerful in terms of performance than VPS.
Let's start by analyzing the difference between a cloud server and a virtual host:

1, the cornerstone of the two technology is very similar, the Cloud server management rights in itself, the virtual host in the management side.

2, the cloud server can share resources, virtual host cannot.

3, the cloud server can not shut down, arbitrarily manipulate the installation software, increase or decrease space, virtual host can not.

4, the cloud server has a separate IP address, most of the virtual host is not, generally need to choose value-added to have.
VPS and cloud server similar places more, the main difference is the configuration of high and low security stability, the following for you to read the differences between the cloud server and VPS:

1, Cloud Server is the technology of the VPS plus a cloud concept, plainly, the cloud server is the upgrade version of the VPS.

2, the cloud server can share resources, VPS is not available.

3,vps is a virtual server, it is divided on the server to build a portion of the resources, there is a separate memory, hard disk, bandwidth, also has a separate IP, in the function and use of the same method as the server, and the cloud server is a group of clustered servers on a number of similar separate parts of the host, Each host in the cluster has an image of the cloud server, which improves the performance and security of the cloud server, and the only difference between them is that the cloud server is more secure and stable.

What is the difference between a cloud server, a virtual host and a VPS

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