What is the difference between sleep, congestion, and suspension in the operating system?

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What is the difference between sleep, congestion, and suspension in the operating system?
First, these terms are for the thread. Controlling the thread is like controlling an employee to work for you. Your control over employees is achieved through programming.
Hanging a thread means you say to the employee: "Go to bed, use your time to call you, and then work ".
The thread sleep means you take the initiative to say to the employee: "Go to bed, report at a certain moment, and then work ".
The thread blocking means that you suddenly find that your employee does not know when you did not allow the employee to go to bed, but you cannot blame the employee. You must have not paid attention to this employer, you let the employee sweep the floor, and the broom was stolen or borrowed by the neighbor's house. You didn't let the employee continue to do other work, so he had to go to bed. When the broom comes back, will the employee know whether or not to continue working? You don't have to worry. Once the employee finds that the broom is back, he will work on his own. The employee is well trained. This training institution is the operating system.

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