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Every primer to do SEO people will hear this sentence: The chain for the emperor, outside the chain for the king. This is the SEO industry's eight-word canon, you can say, as a SEO personnel, daily things are also these two. However, many seoer even the concept of chain and inner chain, the role is not clear. Every day is blind work, from the predecessors to learn from other people's experience, complied to their website, the workload is large, but the effect is very little. Today, I come to and you to analyze how the structure of the link to their own site useful.

Today's link is a reverse link, as is well known, we SEO definition of reverse link is actually in the target page inside the declaration. In other words, the regular link is marked "point to Page B" In Page A, and the reverse link asks "make Page a point to me" in page B. This page A, page B is not limited to two sites, in other words, the same site can be different pages of the chain, so, in order to better distinguish a link is the station or outside the station, we SEO and detailed the name of the chain and outside the chain, it is clear that the same Web page a link to the page B is the chain, The links of different websites are outside the chain! To talk about the use of backlinks, we also split the internal chain and outside the chain analysis.


Within the chain to do to help the site, as long as one of the following can be satisfied:

First, increase the ranking of the site. The search engine in the judgment of a Web page in some key words of the competition is mainly from other people give it the vote to analyze, the vote here is the reverse link, a lot of seoer like to recruit from the outside chain to start to improve the overall ranking of the site, but neglected the chain of this controllable factors, in peacetime construction process in the station, We have a keyword in the article and then point to the page that wants to be ranked. Over time, that want to get the ranking of the page will get more votes, search engines in the keyword rankings will naturally bring our page, this increase in the site ranked the chain is to adhere to long-term and effective strategy within the chain, We do more experiments and it works.

Second, improve the spider index type. We all know that search engines crawl a page will create an index, the more the index of a site, the search engine to crawl the more pages. and search engine is to rely on each link to find the Web page, we do the construction of the structure of the site, the chain can make all the Web page interoperability, once the search engine spider came to the home page crawling, will follow each of the chain grab all pages, such an internal chain to help increase the site included!

Third, the user experience type. Now the search engine more and more attention to user experience, we do search engine optimization based on this to train of thought, in writing articles, talk about some difficult words or phrases, can be appropriate to do a link, link to explain the vocabulary of the page, this is the user want results. Of course, this type of inner chain is not limited to one, there are more to be achieved together!

Four, transfer weight type. For a website, generally the weight of the first page is larger than the inside pages, in the case of not doing the chain, a site's home page for most of the weight of the entire site, resulting in other pages can not be divided into weights, which is very unfavorable to the long tail Word optimization strategy. In the distribution of weight in this respect, the transfer of the weight of the chain plays a vital role, with the first page link to a layer of a layer of weight into the internal page, to achieve reasonable optimization purposes!


Pictured above is an article by the famous Zac's Daily blog post, Zac the construction of the internal chain to achieve the ultimate, the figure A is a user experience within the chain, B is to improve the index and transfer the weight of the chain, C is a other site outside the chain, but also the user experience and improve the ranks of the chain of a performance!

After talking about the chain, we will look at the outside of the headache, compared to the operation of the chain can be controlled outside the chain is full of uncertainty, as for the chain how to do is stable, this forum has a lot of information, we can go to reference, this is not our topic today, then talk about what kind of outside the chain of the site useful:

First, the Spider-Type. This outer chain is the most basic outer chain, can be in any place, the purpose of only one: let the search engine to know our site exists, but such a chain of the site's ranking and the weight of the promotion of no substantive help, the early stage, the appropriate to do some such outside chain, can quickly let search engines indexed sites, Benefit the next optimization work!

Second, increase the weight type. A site to get the weight of short-term, the best way is to the high weight of the site to do outside the chain, if it is related to the single chain, then the effect is the best, and the general site is not to give us a single chain, we webmaster most often do this type of chain is a friendship link this is also we can control, can control the correlation and the rate of growth. Increase the weight of the form of the chain can be anchor text, can also be pure text, I think as long as the site is in the high weight of the establishment of their own chain, the form of links is not the most important, relevance is the first!

Third, the promotion type. SEO is actually to promote the brand, we have to face the promotion of users is the search engine. Extension of the chain to anchor text or "brand name + url" form, this type of outside the chain does not require the site to help, to be seen in the user can see more places, so that users know the site, know the brand. This is also equivalent to advertising outside the chain! This type of site is rare, do not do too much analysis!

Four, improve the rank type. This kind of outside chain is each daily SEO is carried on an outside chain! To improve the ranking of the chain is the essence of search engine optimization, it is the best form of anchor text, followed by the "keyword + pure text", to improve the ranking of the chain, the best to do relevance, medical site on the medical platform, product site on the relevant products platform. To do this type of chain to pay attention to the priority order, I think is this: relevance > High weight > Extensive > Quantity. In the past, the pursuit of the number of sites outside the chain of practice has not been able to do, a large number of garbage outside the chain will only destroy the site, relevance is the most important!


The reverse link is the most beautiful part of SEO, all of the SEO technology exists in the reverse link, we in the usual reverse chain construction process, to analyze their own site, what stage needs what kind of reverse chain, how to build the related chain, this is the need for long-term experience accumulation to be able to master the quantity, And SEO is this process!

This issue of how the reverse link is useful to the site is the author in the optimization of the hospital http://www.86818330.com/Nanchang gastric disease in accordance with the details of the optimization of the collection and collation of the proceeds, sharing out to give you a little inspiration, if there are deficiencies, I hope everyone criticize, learn together, progress together!

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