What should I do with WordPress upgrade suggestions and upgrade failures?

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In fact, this article very early should be written out, in fact, in the previous article, but also more or less mentioned, but today alone to take out as a separate article to write, I hope this article can let you have a new version of WordPress Upgrade have a general understanding.

First, when to upgrade the most appropriate?

Many friends will be in the new version of WordPress released the first time to upgrade, in fact, it is unwise to do, from the development of WordPress, the general new version of the official release 1-2 weeks upgrade is the most appropriate.

After 1-2 weeks of testing, if there is no major bug, this version is stable, worth upgrading, if there is a major bug, you can wait for the official patch to upgrade together, to ensure the security of their blog data.

Second, what should be noted before upgrading?

Every user who uses WordPress has more or less used some plugins, and few friends use WordPress's default theme. WordPress Every time a new release, there is always a plugin or theme compatibility issues, before the Wopus of several WordPress enthusiasts in the group, can always hear because of the plug-in or the theme of incompatibility caused by the upgrade failure example.

So, before upgrading, please go to the topic or the author of the plugin blog to see if their own theme or plugin is compatible with WordPress 3.0, do a measure of compatibility and upgrade, so the odds of a problem will be smaller.

wordpress file

This is actually the 2nd extension, just write it out alone.

Just like WordPress background reminders, before upgrading, please back up WordPress data first. Data backup is primarily a backup of the database and a modified WordPress program.

As for the modification of the program, the main is some friends to WordPress added some personalized features, these features more or less will involve the modification of WordPress files, backup these files, can guarantee the continuation of the previous function of the use.

Four, which upgrade method is the most insured?

Although WordPress has now provided the function of the backstage online upgrade program, there is still a selectivity and security issue. Many domestic WordPress enthusiasts, so also made a variety of versions of the WordPress Chinese version, some WordPress novice, the first is not too familiar with the use of a Chinese version, so in the background upgrade, you may encounter some problems, here inconvenient examples, Because of the variety of problems encountered.

Often visit WordPress friends know that Wopus has always advocated that you use the original English + Chinese language pack. In this way, you can upgrade the program directly in the background, the language pack is updated directly, and unlike the Chinese version, compatibility and continuity may be problematic.

So, please continue to use the official version of the WordPress program + Chinese Language Pack. "How to use WordPress Chinese Language Pack"

V. How to deal with the upgrade failure?

Although WordPress background Support Online upgrade, but some domestic host to this piece of support is not very friendly, sometimes plug-in online upgrade is a bit difficult, so you need to evaluate whether you need to use online upgrade, in fact, to upload the program in space and coverage, you can also complete the upgrade. Of course, foreign host upgrade is not a problem.

Six, the detailed steps of the upgrade:

1. Check your current compatibility with themes and plugins before upgrading to determine if you need to upgrade now.

2, evaluate whether the new version of WordPress functionality is your actual needs, determine whether you need to upgrade immediately.

3, Backup WordPress data. Contains backups of the database and partially modified program files.

4, determine the upgrade, suspend the use of all WordPress plugin, and the WordPress theme to switch to the default.

5. After the upgrade, re-enable themes and plugins, and check the classification, tags, articles and some personality features are normal.

Seven, it is recommended that you do not upgrade across versions, preferably one version to upgrade.

Eight, give yourself a test blog

Now WordPress host space size, additional domain name parameters and traffic are relatively well-off, you can build a test blog for yourself, you can test the new version of the feature alone, you can also prepare for the upgrade.

Said so much, or hope that you can be rational, correct treatment of the new version of WordPress, but also in the correct way to upgrade.

What should I do with WordPress upgrade suggestions and upgrade failures?

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