What should smart cars be like in the "Industrial Revolution 4.0" era?

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In recent days, the term "industrial revolution" has flourished, and most of the practitioners involved in manufacturing and production are more excited to believe that this era will usher in an era of unprecedented "Industrial Revolution 4.0". In fact, the Internet to promote the "industrial revolution" is really not a talk, in the use of the Internet to transform traditional thinking, Tesla, Uber and other products also in different ways to interpret the "Industrial Revolution 4.0" unique characteristics.

However, although the term "industrial" revolution is trendy, it does not mean that the Internet can completely recreate a whole new world. Tesla used the internet to reinvent the car, and Uber used the internet to change the way it was travelling ... Tesla and Uber have brought new highlights to the innovation model, but it's an objective to see that Tesla's innovation is still in the automotive industry, Uber's subversion is still the way of transportation-they haven't completely overturned the industrial revolution, Just realized the Internet way of products have been deeply modified.

The same is true of the smart electric car industry.

Why did Tesla not subvert the smart car industry?

Tesla is not a full-on-the-ground subversive because it is now the way the world is being transformed, not the real product breakthroughs and innovations. Whether using electric drive or software control, Tesla's product philosophy is still the need for human + energy-driven automotive products, for the concept of the Industrial Revolution era, Tesla just changed the traditional way of energy-driven way to another energy, so it itself can only be regarded as a transformation rather than a manufacturing product.

Ranger CEO Huang Xiuyuan this view as early as 2 years ago. In Huang Xiuyuan view, the current market on the electric vehicle products in the driving mode or energy-driven way, its characteristics are confined to the drive mode and channel, price, etc., so whether from the product form or the use of automobiles, Tesla products tend to change products rather than product subversion. Although today's Tesla has gained attention in terms of products, it does not represent the future of smart electric vehicles, because they do not have the characteristics and characteristics of the "Industrial Revolution 4.0".

This means that Tesla has yet to reach the realm of a future era of great opportunity, in which smart electric vehicles will usher in a new era in such market opportunities, and re-create a truly intelligent era of electric cars through the Huang Xiuyuan of Ranger car CEO.

New definition of smart electric vehicle: from intelligence to emotion

Ranger Car CEO Huang Xiuyuan is the IT industry's continuous entrepreneur, but also a veteran car family, when he started the Ranger car, he revealed the future of intelligent electric vehicle definition; he even thinks that simply adjusting some parts of the car or changing the way the car is driven, is not a real subversive act. In his understanding and view, the future of intelligent electric vehicles should be intelligent integration of intelligent vehicle, that not only can provide people with transportation, and it should also understand the needs of users.

In addition, Huang Xiuyuan that the real sense of intelligent electric vehicles, not only should have the ability to improve and optimize, in the face of terminal User Services, the future of smart electric vehicles should also have an efficient, intelligent, emotional, affinity, incredible, reliable, evolutionary, dynamic, advanced and connecting ability. It is understood that Huang Xiuyuan proposed these guidelines, is the Ranger car product design concept of the foundation.

This concept is implemented in the actual application of the way, can provide users with different feelings, for example, in the future of intelligent electric vehicles, users such as voice, gestures, limbs and so on the ground-breaking interactive way can be driving a car. In addition, the future of intelligent electric vehicles should have emotional expression characteristics, in the process of interaction with users, it can not only provide users with transport services, but also based on semantic learning, big data and cloud computing, such as "active" to provide users with more care and care.

This new breakthrough, from concept to reality, from product form to manipulation, has been fundamentally different from the product of the traditional industrial revolution, especially from the Internet-based intelligent application approach to user-full understanding of the emotional interaction, this innovation is the current era can not reach the tipping point.

From this point of view, although Tesla is a very innovative and breakthrough enterprise, but Tesla itself did not complete the "Industrial Revolution 4.0" concept of subversion. At present, Baidu, music, and so on the Internet enterprises have been in the Smart car, super car and other fields to try different degrees, but from the existing pattern, their way away from this real sense of subversion also has a distance, even if Tesla itself, the current weakness in the market is quite obvious.

Electric vehicles of the future: or local manufacturing rise

Tesla has just changed the way cars are routinely performed, so the future of Tesla still has a long way to go to subvert traditional areas and markets. However, it is worth mentioning that, although Tesla only from the product level of the automotive industry has a pioneering role, but Tesla's own pro-case, but also fully demonstrated that the future of intelligent electric vehicles not only has the market demand, but also in technological innovation and conceptual subversion, The future of intelligent electric vehicles will achieve a greater degree of breakthroughs and subversion.

It also means that smart electric vehicles, as a new direction in the future, have a huge market.

In China's internet sector, based on strong user market and talent, Chinese manufacturing and other background factors, as well as a number of internet companies to explore the future of China's Internet sector will be truly disruptive and breakthrough in the smart electric car products is not possible. According to the current knowledge of the disclosure, the domestic focus on the Automotive Ranger car is quietly developing the Youxia OS, or will become the industry's first truly intelligent electric vehicles launched a dedicated OS system. According to the former Ranger car CEO Huang Xiuyuan's introduction, this brand-new products, will soon be born out of the real home market for the introduction of smart electric car products. (Zhu Yi/wen,: Izhuyi; No.: Zhuyiweixin)

What should smart cars be like in the "Industrial Revolution 4.0" era?

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