What to do when the computer heats up in summer

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   Summer computer fever serious how to do? Computer chassis due to the long running, inadvertently accumulated thick dust, these dust sipilailian in the various hardware of the heatsink and fan, resulting in uneven thermal conductivity, heat dissipation effect. This is the principle of fouling with the kettle is probably consistent, but the heat is a reverse engineering, loose dust attached to the heatsink, so that the heat on the surface accumulation, and then the strong fan can not be blown away.

▲ The most efficient fan dust removal

The task of cleaning up the dust is really annoying, in particular, a few years did not clean up the chassis, said to be jammed is not too, with the fan blown, but also need to use a soft hair brush on each of the fins to clean up the gap between, in fact, this is the source of the root cause of heat accumulation. To resist the dust, in addition to timely cleaning up the ash, but also to do a good job of prevention. The first is the environment, the dusty environment will undoubtedly increase the accumulation of dust, a plot of the use of the environment is also very important to dustproof, and then to the chassis plus dust filter, can effectively prevent dust from entering the amount, as long as the regular cleaning dust net can be.

Many players to their own equipment in a variety of treasure, often soon to do a big cleaning inside, can be clear inside the chassis clean, but the temperature is still straight on it? Adding so many fans is still not working, really angry baby! According to the thinking inertia, the more fans must be blowing the heat sink better ah, how does not fall back to the rise?

In fact, the addition of more than N fan to blow the radiator can increase the flow of local air, theoretically can effectively improve the heat dissipation effect, the wind duct chaos determines the hot air has always been in this space in a continuous cycle, coupled with the loss of efficiency conversion fever, this is destined to be a vicious circle.

▲ schematic diagram of chassis duct

Now the vast majority of chassis support Haifeng Road, in fact, the original hardware radiator itself performance is enough to heat it, blowing out of the hot air cycle is the root cause of soaring temperature. Reasonable use of chassis fan position and the direction of the wind, using routines to accumulate in the chassis inside the hot air to export, however, the specific mode of the duct or according to different chassis to carefully plan settings.

Silicone grease is the radiator and heat source between the most important and the most inconspicuous of a heat exchange medium, many matters will have a decisive effect on the heat exchange. Because silicone grease is exposed to the air for a long time, the raw material is bound to oxidize over time, although the most important part of the buckle is tightly pressed on the top, but the surrounding gap is always the place to take advantage of air, if your chassis in the case of n more than the problem of heat dissipation, then may wish to doubt the aging of silicone grease, For this performance, refer to the silicon fat off rate.

▲ already defunct CPU silicone grease

Silicone grease is also closely related to the heat dissipation effect, the thermal conductivity of the silicone is generally around 4.5-7.5, and the copper radiator base of 401, the gap between the thermal conductivity is so wide, but also destined to the silicone grease as an auxiliary heat conduction medium exists. The thickness of the grease coating is of course thinner and better, and then the uniformity of the smear and the contact area between the radiator base and the heat source.

▲ The main ingredient of liquid metal heat conduction paste is gallium

In the continuous progress of technology today, the thermal conductivity of the medium is not limited to the type of silicone grease. The thermal conductivity of the AG-containing silicone grease can be as high as 8 to 8.5, before only excellent silicone grease can reach a heat conductivity of 7.5. Now the more expensive and more difficult to use is the liquid metal, its thermal conductivity can reach 127, of which the main component is metal gallium, but the thermal conductivity of gallium is only about 40, do not know the claimed up to 120 + thermal conductivity of the liquid metal is what technology, assuming that the liquid metal thermal conductivity of only 40, is much higher than the ordinary thermal silicone grease.

My friend before the computer placed in the corner, often in the high load state, fan turned very annoying. So this wonderful flower put a pile of books on top, not to mention that the chassis resonance noise significantly reduced, but the problem will follow. The original corner of the air mobility is poor, coupled with the cover of "insulation layer", the temperature that call a moving.

▲ Edit Small Bin This is the way to dust, but when used will take away this piece of cloth

A lot of people who put the chassis on the ground will habitually treat it as a rack, stacked on top of the chassis like a thick blanket of quilts, the temperature is not preserved in the chassis. This situation is rare, most people are in order to dustproof and beautiful, on the surface of the dust-proof cloth, the chassis on both sides and there is no cooling tuyere is OK, if the fan bit is blocked, the effect will be greatly reduced.

▲ Naked Platform is also a solution

Chassis Dustproof is very important, in the fan inlet and dustproof filter is good, it should not be used as a shelf, or cover a very thick things affect the heat dissipation. Long-time hardware in high temperature will accelerate the aging of components, thus shortening the life, serious even burned hardware.

About the case itself is finished, if the above other computer lit the main points are resolved, please do not ignore the last one, chassis environment is also critical. After all, the heat emitted by the hardware is still to be dispersed, to keep a good ventilation in the room, or a lower temperature is also necessary.

When the author is still a new time to put the computer at the foot, bought did not move the place, it is there quietly lying, indoor also open air-conditioning, but it is feel the hot air from the foot of the whirring, under the table of the atmosphere is no fluidity can say, Finally, a software temperature warning window to cut out the game to find the hardware has been quick to boil water, so the chassis is placed in a good air mobility is very necessary, and you do not have to follow sweaty.

▲ air-conditioned summers are quite comfortable, and so is the computer.

Hot summer is the peak of computer "onset", who do not want to pitched battle when the computer suddenly down, timely cleaning the interior dust, do a variety of preventive measures to ensure that the computer with their own fighting against the high temperature, stable and efficient operation are based on a good environment, suffering from the heat of the players, Come on, get your own computer a checkup!

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