What to pay attention to using optical transceiver

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When using a fiber-optic transceiver, it is necessary to pay attention to some problems in order to make the use of fiber-optic transceiver better.

1. View whether full duplex or half-duplex is supported.

Some of the market can only use a full dual public environment, can not support Half-duplex, such as receiving other brands of switches or hubs, and it uses Half-duplex mode, otherwise it will cause serious conflicts and packet loss phenomenon.

2. Do connection test with other light transceivers.

More and more optical fiber transceivers in the market, different transceiver compatibility without testing, will also produce packet loss, long transmission time, suddenly slow phenomenon.

3. The temperature adapts the ability to be strong.

The optical transceiver will produce high heat when it is too hot to check whether the optical transceiver is working properly.

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