What's the difference between a Thinkpad x240s and a x230s?

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1, Thinkpad x240s and x230s What is the difference? ThinkPad x240s The overall use of carbon fiber material shell, the appearance and the previous ThinkPad x230s, is still sharp contour, black tone rendering. The logo of "ThinkPad" and "Lenovo" are still distributed on both sides of a face.

2, x240s used and x230s the same mold, the length of the 305.5mm*208.5mm, thickness of only 17.7mm, weight only 1.28Kg, in line with Intel's definition of hyper-polar.

3, "ThinkPad" logo on the "I" small red dots in the power-on state is often bright, standby state flashing.

4, the back of the ThinkPad x240s design, but the user can still be disassembled, as long as the bottom of the 7 screws can be seen inside, the integration is quite high. Through the official Maintenance manual information, the memory is able to upgrade itself.

5. Back integral design with cooling hole

6, x240s built-in has two 24Wh battery, each can power 5-6 hours, Lenovo official said two pieces can be used together 11 hours. In addition, the ThinkPad x240s with NGFF interface, very convenient to upgrade themselves.

7, the ThinkPad x240s uses 12.5 inch 1366*768 resolution TN screen, has 200 the highest brightness, the screen hinge still uses the metal material, may open and close with 180 degrees. Screen material still uses the fog surface screen, the advantage of this screen is that even in the outdoor strong light exposure also has a good clarity, rather than the mirror screen as easily reflective, causing users to read obstacles. Camera on both sides of the distribution of a microphone, in the user's network video call, play a good sound pickup effect.

8, the ThinkPad x240s is still the stainless steel screen axis, in order to the fuselage can be done thinner, the display adopts a sunken design, so that it can not occupy thickness, but the screen height will be reduced. The sunken design also retains a 180 degree opening and closing angle. The display adopts the sinking type design

9, the ThinkPad x240s still retains the backlight keyboard, pointing stick These classic ThinkPad design elements. button aspect, as X230 changed to 6 columns, x240s will continue to maintain such a style, touch board using the integrated design, with the steering pole with the left and right buttons, cancel the entity button, switch to touch keys, the keyboard has built-in fingerprint identification function.

10, many people are complaining since the ThinkPad to the traditional full-sized keyboard to chocolate keyboard, lost the original excellent typing feel, through the use of SKS experience, the key cap surface has a certain radian, very good to fit the finger, but x240s in order to reduce the thickness of the fuselage, There is a certain reduction in the spacing between the key caps and the key processes.

11, the ThinkPad x240s adopted an all-in-one touch-control Board, integrated the left and right buttons and with little Red Riding Hood to use the other three buttons, so the overall touch area is larger. Because the entire trackpad is a large button, the function of each key is realized by identifying the position of the finger when pressed. It is worth affirming that: x240s added the touch-resistant function, in the hands of the typing process, the palm contact with the trackpad will not implement the mouse drag.

12, ThinkPad x240s the right side of the interface: in turn, headphone jack, USB3.0 interface (support shutdown to the device charging), SIM card slot (on), SD card reader (bottom), Ethernet line sockets and security lock holes.

13, ThinkPad x240s the left side of the interface: In turn, the power plug, cooling fan outlet, VGA video interface, USB3.0 interface, Mini DisplayPort high-definition video interface. The outlet is arranged on the left side and does not affect the use of comfort.

14, the ThinkPad x240s using flat Power Interface, Lenovo's IdeaPad, ThinkPad Ultra-extreme in order to achieve thinner, are replaced by flat power interface. On the whole, ThinkPad x240s is a very suitable for out of office use, compared to the previous product X230s,thinkpad x240s hardware upgraded to Intel's latest Haswell platform, greatly enhance the performance and endurance time.

The ThinkPad X240s continues the ThinkPad Classic all-black compact fuselage is not only simple and capable, the metal + carbon fiber material shell strong impact resistance, plus the Haswell platform's powerful performance and the rich interface configuration, Should be said to experience the best 12.5-inch commercial ultra-extreme, can completely replace the traditional portable notebook, more suitable for frequent business trips.

The machine carries the Windows 8 Chinese version system, realizes the quick start, the quick recovery function, the overall enhancement efficiency, the execution power doubles. SKS first time also tried to install Windows 7 system, because the machine is the latest model machine, Lenovo official website Drive is not full, and now put back to window 8 system

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