When you are tired and want to give up, let's take a look !!!

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When I see this article in other spaces, I feel that it makes sense. So I turn it over and send it to all friends who are still sticking to it ~~

Everyone is carrying a heavy cross and moving slowly and hard toward the destination.


On the way, a person suddenly stopped.
He thought: This cross is too heavy. So he carried it on his back. What year and month have you come ?!


So he took out his knife and made an amazing decision: he decided to cut down the cross.

He did this and began cutting the cross...

After the cut-off, it was indeed much easier and his pace could not help but speed up.


So, let's go. Let's go. Let's go for a long time.
He thought again: although the cross has been cut down just now, it is still too heavy.

In order to make it faster and easier to move forward, this time, he decided to cut down the cross again.

He began to cut down again...

In this way, he suddenly felt much easier!

As a result, he walked to the forefront of the team without any effort.
Let's see: when other people are struggling, they can sing songs as they go!

Walking, who expected, a deep and wide gully suddenly appeared on the front!
There is no bridge in the ditch, and there is no road around it.
At this time, no spider or Superman came out to save him ......
What should I do ?!

The people behind me are coming soon.
They built bridges on the troughs they carry, and crossed the troughs with ease.


He also wanted to do the same thing.
It's a pity that his cross has been cut down before,
There is no way to bridge him!

So when everyone else is moving toward the target,
But he can only stop in the same place, drop down and regret.
At this time, his mind echoed a sentence:

Once there was a complete cross on my shoulder, I did not cherish it,
I don't regret it until I need it.
This is the greatest pain in the world !......


In fact, every day we all carry a variety of crosses and are struggling to move forward.

It may be our learning, our work, our emotions, or our responsibilities and obligations.

However, these responsibilities and obligations constitute the reasons and values for our existence in this world.

Therefore, please do not complain about the heavy academic workload, hard work, and great responsibilities. Because true happiness is the result of the challenge and you have not experienced any profound pain, we can't feel the joy of our life!

Some darkness can only be crossed by yourself;

Some pain points can only be experienced by yourself;

Some are lonely and can only be tasted by yourself.

However, through the darkness, we will be able to feel the sunshine temperature;

Out of the pain, we will be able to reach the height of growth;

Farewell to loneliness, we will be able to reap the depth of our soul!

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