Where is my world leopard cat? How can I tame leopard cats in my world?

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My world leopard cat location

First, you need to find a large rain forest, that is, the towering tree and the tree that cannot even see the soil under its feet. In the heavy rain forest, there will be a great chance of encountering a leopard cat. You need to open your eyes.

My World, leopard cat, tame

Although it seems a little fierce, they are very afraid of people. Follow up, but remember not to be too close. When it looks back, you need to immediately stop standing on the ground, and do not look around, quietly come up with the caught fish. The leopard cat will be very curious to come over. At this time, right-click it with the fish until it changes color and sits on the ground. This means that you have successfully tame it. The leopard cat will sit on the ground when it is new to being tame. Remember to right-click it and ask it to stand up and keep up. The leopard cat will be randomly changed to three colors: black cat, yellow cat, and Siem Reap cat, A cat of the same color can mate to give birth to the same cat. The leopard cat does not stick to people like a wolf, but will be far behind the owner. Its biggest role is to drive away from hard work and fear, but the cost of bringing it into the house is also painful-the leopard cat will seize every opportunity to rush out of the House, or rush to your bed, on the box, after merging the platform, it will fall down and sleep, and these tools will not work. In this case, do not beat it or drive it away. You can jump to the box or bed and squeeze it to the ground and then run the command to sit down. Finally, although everything in the game is just code and data, please treat your pet as well.

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