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SGI released the world's fastest supercomputer

SGI and NASA jointly announce that NASA's intanium 2 processor-based Columbia supercomputer is the world's fastest computer: "IBM Inc. just refreshed NEC two weeks ago and maintained its supercomputer speed record for two years, but its record was refresh by SGI again. SGI announced on Tuesday, local time that it w

The fastest computer in the world is Linux.

Article title: the fastest computer in the world is Linux. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. Every six months, Top 500 organization will publish their specific Top 50

The world's fastest mechanical keyboard is the birth of a traditional mechanical keyboard and the future?

risen, the development of mechanical keyboard is not the road to decline. Even in a certain period of time, the mechanical keyboard will re-promote the new desktop input revolution, the promotion of new entertainment, efficiency and other processes also bring new changes.Outside input: The industry effect of mechanical keyboardsJune 1, threesome in Beijing released blood hand Phantom New Blood hand ghost B740 Optical axis mechanical keyboard, the mos

Echarts is the best visualization tool I've ever contacted and the fastest-growing software, and hopefully it will become a world-class open source project as soon as possible.

Echarts's extensive web site:Http://echarts.baidu.com/doc/example.html0 programming to play the chart:http://tushuo.baidu.com/?qq-pf-to=pcqq.c2cUse the chart you want to do with it!pageencoding= "GBK"%>Echarts is the best visualization tool I've ever contacted and the fastest-growing software, and hopefully it will become a world-class open source project as soon

What is the fastest browser and what is the safest browser?

Fastest Browser list Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE): A series of web browsers launched by Microsoft, USA. As of September 2010, the statistics showed that IE shares were up to 59.65%. Until today it has hundreds of millions of loyal fans, the more common IE products include IE6.0, IE7.0, IE8.0, IE9.0 and 2011 Public Test Ie10;ie Browser market share is very high, is

How to accelerate the input and output of c ++ In the ACM competition? How can we make the cin speed equal to the scanf speed? What is the fastest input/output method ?, Cinscanf

How to accelerate the input and output of c ++ In the ACM competition? How can we make the cin speed equal to the scanf speed? What is the fastest input/output method ?, Cinscanf During the competition, when encountering big data, reading files often becomes the bottleneck of program running speed and requires faster reading. I believe that almost all C ++ learn

What is the fastest way to calculate 2 of the 16-time square?

Tag: Represents the binary Java bit Operation shift Operation nbsp Topic Direct BracketsThe fastest operation in the computer is the direct binary operation,In Java, it is possible to perform binary operations in the preferred bit operation.The problem is to investigate the shift operation, to understand, left to move

What mobile phone is the fastest to rob red envelopes?

Red envelopes have become the hottest topic of the Spring Festival this year, many netizens have joined the various micro-credit groups to rob red envelopes, and even the company's internal year-end awards are sent with red envelopes. The speed of the red envelope and mobile phone network and mobile phone performance has a great connection, and in the same situation, the higher performance of the mobile phone to rob red envelopes faster. Recently ran the software Rabbit released the

What is the fastest Garbage Collector in Java 8?

What is the fastest Garbage Collector in Java 8? OpenJDK 8 has multiple GCGarbage Collector) algorithms, such as Parallel GC, CMS, and G1. Which one is the fastest? What if I change the default GC of Java 8 from Parallel GC to G1

Php+mysql what is the fastest way to update millions data?

Php+mysql what is the fastest way to update millions data? Reply content: Php+mysql what is the fastest way to update millions data? InnoDB Read Detach Chaizi section to make redundant table Cache to do merge upda

Baidu index The fastest rise related search words is what

Baidu index the fastest rising related search terms are the fastest-growing related search terms in a given period of time, with ascending arrows and rising percentages representing specific values that rise relative to the previous period. Baidu Index is based on Baidu web search and Baidu News search for a free mass data Analysis Services, to reflect the diffe

Where is my world hell? What is the role of hell?

What is my world hell?Regional chinarus is a red plant that hinders the pilgrimage of gold refining. Regional chinarus can be used as a potion.What's the use of my world's hell-cases?First of all, the hell is the basic mat

A big world is like an operating system. What is Windows?

A big world is like an operating system. What is Windows? -- Linux general technology-Linux technology and application information. For details, refer to the following section. Most of us are familiar with WINDOWS and are used to it. What do these WINDOWS users feel if they

What is the difference between the window of the world and the 360Chrome speed version?

A team of works, but the 360 speed version added a bit of the so-called security or useless plug-ins, plug-ins have a certain impact on the start speed, if you have to choose one of them, if you have 360 security guards, the window of the world is good, like 360chrome in what advertising interception Ah, 360 traffic lights, 360 security guards in the net shield d

window of the world what to do when the browser is not running properly

  1. What is the difference between the green version and the installation version? For those who prefer simplicity, the green version can run directly without installation. You can extract it directly into any directory to run. (You need to manually set up shortcuts) The installation version of the window browser for the world adds an installation script to th

What does PHP mean? Why is PHP a well-spoken language in the world?

What does PHP mean? Probably a lot of people do not know very well, but many people may have heard a word: "PHP is the best language in the world"。 So, today's article PHP Chinese network will give you a detailed talk about the content of PHP, why say PHP is a good language in the

How is python performing? To see what top companies around the world are using Python

also an important factor in choosing Python: "I don't think we have a dedicated Python programmer yet." I just said to them, ' everything you write needs to be written in Python, ' and I can easily read Python code. It's great because I can see their screens from the room and see if their code is good or bad. Because excellent Python code structure is very easy to read. It makes my life easier. It

The world is so big, what do you matter?

hasn't been done yet, which means you're not qualified to drive. You clearly remember a good classmate in your destination life, to find her you will be more convenient, but how can not find her contact way. You have become accustomed to talking loudly on any occasion and being seriously warned to make you extremely annoyed. You can't fit in with new people you know in your travels, because they have different experiences in their lives and jobs, and you've been thinking about how to do less ev

Suppose that this world is not a real one. It's just a piece of code. What bugs have you found so far?

, developers thought that they were focusing on development, but did not consider that there was a kind of civilization and balance between them. So developers could simply add pages? A line of "Maya civilization = NULL ;". Recall several battles in the world. After World War I, Germany was exhausted. If it continues to develop, it is very likely that the German

What has the information age brought about? Read "the world is equal".

"convergence": disorder and chaos, and the death of the system. However, convergence of material, energy, and information clearly promotes economic development. So what is the decisive motive force at this time? I think it is knowledge and innovation. The knowledge density is not average, and the knowledge content

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