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The Romance of the Three Kingdoms (70% true, 30% fictitious), most of the plots are based on the normal history structure, and even a copy of the history book is not missing, and interspersed with some strange gods to attract readers. Because this book is so red, some people regard it as a Bible. [This is not an exaggeration. There are quite a number of military commanders in history who use this book as a template of the law of war, and therefore dominate the party (such as Zhang Xianzhong at the end of the Ming Dynasty 〕, even won the World (such as Nuer harchi, Mao Zedong, etc.), more people regard him as a positive history and think that all the books are true. In order to avoid being confused by others, I will write things that are generally confusing. As for the plot like Lu Meng's scared to death by Guan Yu, it is obviously not scientific, so it is not a waste of pen and ink.

1 Zhang feifide, non-yide

2. Hua Xiong was killed by Sun Jian, and Fei Guan Yu Wen liquor chopped Hua Xiong

3. Why did Ma Chao report his father's revenge against Cao? Ma Chao and Ma Teng were killed by Cao because they were serving as officers in Chang 'An. Rather than Cao, Ma Teng was killed and Ma Chao joined the army to report his father's revenge. The two are both causal and inverse.

Ma Chao is desperate to fight for death? Please refer to the detailed Causes and Consequences: in 208 AD, Cao wanted to go south for the expedition (that is, to cut down Liu Biao, etc., and returned after the defeat in Chibi in November 〕. In order to fear Ma Teng's troubles, he was persuaded to become an official officer of the central Government (Wei 〕. Ma Chao, the eldest son, was appointed as a general. He stayed in Huai Li (□xixingping City) in Guanzhong and continued to lead his father's old subordinates. Ma Teng's family all migrated to Zhucheng. In 211 AD, Cao sent a hacker to fight against Zhang Lu in Hanzhong and ordered Xia houyuan to lead the Military Division. This is probably the strategy of Cao. Because the troops in Hanzhong must pass through Guanzhong, Guanzhong princes will be suspicious and fight against the troops. Gao Rou once advised Cao, and Cao's IQ cannot be unknown, therefore, Cao is "Xiang Zhuang WUJian, intended in PEI Gong [in the name of the fallen Chinese, seduce Guanzhong to fight against troops 〕". The Guanzhong princes were basically banned by the court, and Cao was not allowed to seek troops for no reason. Therefore, when Ma Chao and Han Sui in Guanzhong fight as Cao wished, Cao is also a well-known "Anti-thief ". In September, the military defeated both the South and the South. In May 212 AD, Cao killed Ma Teng and Tu sanzu (three: father, mother, and wife) to retaliate against Ma Chao's fight against Cao last year. The Romance of the Three Kingdoms said that Ma Teng's attempt to stab CaO and be killed in clothing is not a matter of historical facts 〕. In 213 AD, Ma Chao again defeated Zhang Lu. Zhang luyao wants to marry his daughter to him. Someone warned: "How can someone love others if they don't even have a girl? Zhang Lu dispelled his thoughts. Conclusion: Ma Chao is a conspiracy planned by Cao. Therefore, it is unfair to assess Ma Chao's "not loving her aunt. Ma Teng is a speculator in the history of the East and the late Chinese dynasties. He has been serving as an impermanence and often attacked places in disorder. Cao mingli elected him to the central government as an official officer. In fact, he controlled him and restrained Ma Chao. Therefore, Ma Teng's family migration to Cao's territory is destined to be the beginning of the tragedy. Cao first stirred up Ma Chao's resistance and then killed Ma Teng's three generations. Therefore, the super big director behind the tragedy was Cao, and the deputy director was the ignorant Ma Teng. Ma Chao was only a poor supporting role. Lline4 was caught when Cao fled. As a result, zhongmu County ordered him to leave the city. This county order was not Chen Gong.

5. Many of Zhou Yu and Lu Su, who were defaced, think that Cao was the most ugly in The Romance of the Three Kingdoms. In fact, Zhou Yu suffered the same grievance as Cao. Zhou Yu is an outstanding person in all aspects in his history, and even looks like a table of talents. He is the first-hand director of Chibi dajie.

. However, in order to strengthen Kong Ming's wisdom, Zhou Yu is described as a martial artist with a narrow mind and a mind, and Lu Su is characterized as a person with a dull and soft ear. Kong Ming's sanqi zhou Yu did not mention in his official history that Zhou Yu was facing the hundreds of thousands of troops of Cao and needed the help of Liu Bei's 100,000 troops. It was impossible to move to kill Kong Ming. We also need to understand the true history of the Three Kingdoms.

6 In The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Zhao yundangyang saved the young master. Zhao yun.com, the county magistrate of Dangyang (changyun is the place name, not the name of the hill. It is incorrect to say that the Romance of the Three Kingdoms is changyunpo. ] In the army of hundreds of thousands of Cao, when he was in the arms of Alibaba Cloud, not only did he close the encirclement, but also killed more than 50 generals of Cao Jun. Even CaO was stunned. This is one of the most brilliant fragments of the Three Kingdoms. Zhao Zilong often leads the most attractive hero in the Three Kingdoms because of his thrilling personal show. There is a place near my hometown in Tainan, called Zilong. Zhao Zilong has a long gun in his hand along the road, a blue-Rainbow sword in his waist, and a big statue of riding in the heart of a fight. Every time I go to school, I have to watch a few eyes, it's cool to think that "even a place is named by his name. Now let's take a look at the description of Zheng Shi: "The first master [Liu Bei] is the master of Cao Gong [Cao] chasing after Dang Yang's elders and abandoning his wife to go south, while the cloud is holding the weak child, that is, the latter master (Liu Chan) also protects Mrs. Gan, that is, the latter master and mother, both of which are free of difficulties. Qian [Sheng] serves as the general of the teeth gate .」 [Zhao yunchuan, Three Kingdoms 〕. Zi Zhi Tong Jian only mentioned: Someone told Liu Bei: "zhao Yun has escaped North [Yi Si is dropping Cao]" Liu Bei throws his hand and says, "Zhao Yun will never abandon me .」 Soon, Zhao Yun returned with Liu Chan. [Bai Yang Zi Zhi Tong Jian 〕

The two books have written a very brief record of this passage, which is not surprising. Even the battle of the Three Kingdoms, which was decided by Shi, has passed only a few words, chen Shou's Three Kingdoms are also known as "simple content. The Three Kingdoms mentioned Zhao Yun and was promoted to the teeth of general, which proves that he was worthy of praise for his presentation at that time. Of course, they rushed into the enemy camp with a single shot. under heavy encirclement, they not only rescued babies, but also killed more than 50 generals. It seems that they were too romantic. The Romance of the Three Kingdoms did describe this heroic history in exaggerated ways, but many people, including the City owner, do not want to take it seriously for the following reasons: 1. zhao Yunwu is an exclusive employee and is well known. (zheng shi mentioned that for the first time Kong Ming lost profits and retreated during the Northern Expedition, Zhao Yun went behind the troops in zigu, so there was almost no military asset loss 〕. Even in the case of a fight, it is no exaggeration to kill more than 50 members. 2. cao has hundreds of thousands of troops in the south, but only takes 100,000 days and nights to kill Liu Bei's troops. When the two armies met, Liu Bei fled and Cao's army snatched the discarded military assets and captured the people who fled along with the army, as a result, each army is divided into one group. If Zhao Yun rushed into an army consisting of hundreds of thousands of troops and escaped, The Romance of the Three Kingdoms would be classified as science fiction by the city owner. It would be no exaggeration to say that, if the enemy is like a bandit, and the five thousand troops and horses are scattered, then Zhao Yun can ride the savior and return with great strength.

By the way, I would like to mention the relevant figures in this section: 7. Xu Shu's mother was also captured in Dangyang, and pointed to his heart and said to Liu Bei, "I am building a Overlord with general, all depends on this. Now, my mother is missing, and she is confused (idiom: Fang cunda [describe the source of a mess in the heart or head]). It does not help you to stay here. Please do not go here .」 So they rushed to Cao. The Romance of the Three Kingdoms said that Xu Shu caught Xu Shu's mother before Cao zhengzheng and forged a letter to trick him into Cao Ying. This is not consistent with normal history. The Liu Bei camp seems to be very sorry for the departure of Xu shu. Zhuge Liang publicly praised Xu Shu when he was in Yizhou.

8. Did my wife commit suicide due to a serious injury? Zhao Yun has pushed down the jinghaijing? As mentioned in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms: I don't want to get tired of others because of my injury. After I entrust Alibaba Cloud to Zhao, I committed myself. When Zhao Yun was sad, he pushed down the shield to cover up the water well, so as not to humiliate Mrs. Mi's body. Zheng Shi recorded that Liu Bei's two wives (pointing to the husband and wife, and Sun Quan's sister crossed the door after the war in Chibi) were safe in Dangyang. Therefore, there is no such thing as zhao Yun's turning over the well.

9 is Zhang Fei at Yangwei of Changyi bridge? Zhang Fei broke the bridge according to the water in Changyi district (the bridge was demolished and kept against the river bank). Cao's army did not dare to move forward due to fear. This section is recorded in the official history. However, said the Romance of the Three Kingdoms: Zhang Fei yelled at the bridge, and CaO Jun Xia Houjie was scared to death because of the split of liver and gallbladder. This is, however, an exaggerated writing of a novel. It is impossible to infer from common sense. At present, changyun does not have a bridge called the changyun bridge. Therefore, Zhang Fei's well-known bridge should be a well-known small bridge.

The true face of the clown Jiang Gan is not as dementia as described in The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, but also turned around by Zhou Yu. At that time, Jiang Gan was famous for his debate. He was a talented person and he and Zhou Yu were old friends. Therefore, Cao sent him over the river as a guest. Zhou Yu knew his purpose, and showed him the beautiful lady, the precious treasures, and said, "when the big husband is doing things, the lord of the confidant, the righteousness of the foreign minister, if Su Qin, Zhang Yi, Lu Jia, and Yu Sheng come back, if the mouth of the river, the tongue is like a blade, Can you shake my heart? 」 Jiang Gan always smiled and did not say anything related to politics. After returning, he reported Cao, saying that Zhou Yu was ambitious and could not shake his speech. The romance describes Jiang Gan's failure to describe the client, but instead, he plans to make it possible for Cao to mistakenly kill Cai Yu and Zhang Yun. This is not historical. 11 Zhang Fei's anger, dingdu mail? Zhang Fei's anger, dingdu mail? In fact, the real culprit is Liu Bei. Let's take a look at the description of the official history: the first master (Liu Bei) asks for the benefit of the yellow towel thief, except (assign the official post) An Xi uu23561 ?. Du mail to official business to the county, the first master for the district, no way. Directly bind the Governor mail, two hundred pin, Jie Yi [tie the seal of the ribbon] tied to its neck, Ma Liu (down the people's clothing) abandon the death of the officer. (Three Kingdoms? First Spread) Why does Liu Bei need a stick to send emails and finally abandon the official account? The cause of the incident was slightly recorded in the book: Liu Bei was on the blacklist when the Court ordered the State and gun to eliminate some military officials who were in charge of military merit. The governor sent a mail to Anxi County to deploy Liu Bei. When Liu Bei knew it, he went to consult. Du mail said that he was not ill, and Liu Bei was furious. He bound du mail to a tree with a whip of more than, and finally Liu Bei fled. The Romance of the Three Kingdoms describe the governor of the mail for bribery is not everywhere to make it difficult for Liu Bei, provoke Zhang Fei angry whip Governor mail. Describe the ugliness of officialdom, Lu liubei of Zhang Fei, and describe them. Although it does not conform to the historical facts, the plot is brilliant and vividly depicts the embarrassment and helplessness of honest people in the ugly officialdom.

The following things are not mentioned in the official history or recorded in the moling region [this does not mean that these people, things, and things are fictitious. It may be missing or unnecessary, maybe not.] The Romance of the Three Kingdoms is not mentioned by Lu Bu

The beautiful waitresses of Lu Bu and Dong Zhuo were private, so they were almost killed. Shi did not mention the name of mink Chan

Lu Bu, the Three Kingdoms of the red rabbit and the horse, said: "The red rabbit is the red rabbit 」

Fang Tian painted the ghost and did not mention Qinglong's knife, zhangba snake and spear.

Kong mingcao ship did not mention it by arrows. However, Shi mentioned a similar plot: Sun Quan met Cao bing when attacking Hefei, and the center of gravity of the ship was too unstable, so the ship was about to flip. Sun Quan forced the soldiers to reverse the ship and put an arrow on the other side. If the forces on the two sides were balanced, the danger was solved.

Yan Liang and Yan Liang are indeed killed by Guan Yu, and Wen Xu is attacked by Cao's army in the army. They should not be killed by Guan Yu.

Kong Ming kongcheng did not mention it. It should be the revision of Zhao Yun's empty camp plan. Zhao Yun used an empty camp to scare away Cao's army in the Hanzhong war.

Mu Niu and Liu Ma mentioned the official history, but did not explain in detail why.

I did not mention it. Purely fictitious. It is common for the Yangtze River to blow the southeast wind at a certain time in winter.

As mentioned in the 8-frame chart, this is an excellent method of marching, and it is not the magic of the romance.

Cao sought Dong Zhuo to call Cao as an official officer, and he was unwilling to escape.

I will not mention Guan Yu's five points

The official history of Liu Bei's Sister Sun Quan's sister is recorded

There are records of active zhongda's Official History

12 Guan Yu's history records the fact that Guan Yu's history does not change his face during bone scratch (also in the Age of huaying's death. Shi did not explain who helped him recover his wounds, nor did he say When Guan Yu poisoned the arrow and hurt his arm. According to The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Guan Yu was injured when he attacked Fan Cheng in the Northern Expedition. It is definitely not because hua yu helped him to scratch his bones. At that time, Hua Yu was no longer in the world. Zheng Shi of the Three Kingdoms records: When Cao's love son Cao Chong is in critical danger, Cao has been annoyed not to kill Hua Chen, so that no one can save his son. Cao Chong died in 208 AD, so Hua Yu was no longer in the world as early as 208 AD. Guan Yu was in the northern expedition in 219 AD, and Hua Yu had been dead for at least 10 years. In the same way, Cao died in 220 AD. The Romance of the Three Kingdoms said that Cao killed Hua Chen in critical condition. It does not match historical facts. According to Cheng Xilin, the death of Huatuo and the year of death, Hua Yu died in March 208 AD at the age of six or seven.

13 are there any tigers in shuhan? [Comment again on Zhao Yun] Shi has never mentioned that Shu Han has a rare hero. After Liu Bei defeated Cao and possessed Hanzhong, Feng Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Ma Chao, and Huang Zhong were the former, right, left, and back generals, Wei Yan was the Hanzhong taishou, and Zhao Yun was not tied for it. According to The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Zhao Yun was also appointed as general. The combination of Zhao and Guan, Zhang, Ma, and Huang is known as the "Five tigers", which is not in line with historical facts. Zhao Yun's position is similar to Xu Yu of Cao, who serves as the king's guard officer and the banned army leader. Such a position is of course highly trusted by the King. However, due to the nature of his position, the chance of leading the army to fight abroad is naturally greatly reduced

Less, and no more need to stand up and raise your post. Zhao Yun has little chance to lead the army, so it is difficult to comment on his combat talents. However, Zhao Yun's political thinking is quite good from the beginning and the back of the wild history. He has the courage and courage to fight, and his personality is irrelevant. The two of them are not flattering, liu Bei has a lot of trust in him and is uncertain. When Liu Bei died, Zhao Yun was one of the few candidates to be put alone. It is no wonder that such a good talent will make great efforts to beautify him in The Romance of the Three Kingdoms. In fact, Zhao Yun's official position is not very high and his age is bigger than Liu Bei's (Xiang Yu and Liu Bang also share the same situation. Liu bangbi is a few years old than Xiang Yu, but in the drama, Xiang Yu became an old man with a beard and Liu Bang turned into a white-faced child. By the way: in the official history, Cao is truly a hero. Guess which five are there? The answer is: Zhang Liao, lejin, Yu ban, Zhang, and Xu Huang. Being listed as the five tigers, it can be said that the highest honor of the generals, Cao also gathered the centripetal force of these talents. As for Xia houdun, Xia houyuan, Cao Ren and others, Gao Gong's senior officials are not inferior to the top five, but they are all Cao's people, so CAO does not need to draw together the names of them.

14. Do you still remember Cao Zhen, who was always defeated and was angry when he saw the letter written by Kong Ming? In order to highlight the wisdom of Jack Kong and Sima Yi, the successor of Cao Zhen, The Romance of the Three Kingdoms has no advantages. Is Cao really so useless? In fact, the opposite is true. Cao Zhen not only has a great deal of strength, but also has made Zhuge Liang suffer a lot. Zhuge Liang for the first Northern Expedition, Cao Zhen's Ministry of Zhang Jie in the Street Pavilion defeated the horse, the situation reversed. Cao Zhen is more accurate, so Zhuge Liang will attack Chen Cang next time, so he first sent Hao Zhao to defend. Zhuge Liang's Second Northern Expedition army was forced to withdraw troops because it had repeatedly attacked Chen Cang. Cao Zhen also took the initiative to lead the army to take a big attack. As a result, the road was broken due to continuous heavy rain. In the end, he died in Luoyang and was not scolded by Zhuge Liang. Cao Shuang, the eldest son of Cao Zhen, is really incompetent. Because of his proprietary rights, he finally launched a coup by Sima Yi, and CaO Shuang's brother was at a loss. He cried out and said: Cao Zhen is a hero of the world, unexpectedly, a group of dummies were born. The following are the reasons for death of the armed forces and those who are not in conformity with the history of the Three Kingdoms: zheng shi, Huang Zhong, Yiling, Yiling, war, death, and death (not involved in this battle): Zhang Liao, Cao Yu, attacking Wu, death, and death

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