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Although the most frequently used communication tool in the work is telephone and email, sometimes it is not convenient to make a call and it is impossible to check the email, white-collar staff in foreign companies usually use text messages to communicate. However, as we all know, Chinese text messages are easy to send, but if you want to send text messages to foreign colleagues or bosses, you can only lose English. Everyone has a headache on this matter. It is indeed too troublesome to lose a letter or a letter. The following are some tips on text message in English. I don't know if it is helpful for white-collar people who need to communicate with foreigners.

1. Text me! Send me a short message!

The difficulty in writing text messages in English is spelling. It may take a long time to spell a word. Therefore, many people now speed up spelling by shortening words. This saves time, but you will be confused if you are not familiar with these common abbreviations and rules. In addition, the first step in writing concise text messages is to master English.

Text messages can be divided into two basic parts: Abbreviations and abbreviations.

2. Abbreviation of Acronyms

The abbreviation is composed of the first letter of each word. For example, UN refers to United Nations. short messages, which are often used in idioms. In addition, words with similar voices will be replaced by letters. See some examples:

OIC-Oh I see.

BRB-Be right back

BFN-Bye for now

LOL-Laughing out loud

ASAP-As soon as possible

BTW-By the way

FYI-For your information

JK-Just kidding

TTYL-Talk to you later

Contractions scaling down

The text message acronyms do not refer to scaling down the conventional "don't" or "they", but they have the same purpose: that is, when the meaning is clear, you can omit unnecessary words. The vowel is often omitted, but you can keep the approximate speech of the word. The number 8 sometimes sends eight, so later is written as l8r. The number 4 is also replaced with for, just as 2 replaces to. See some text message acronyms for example:



Cya-See you






2 morro-Tomorrow

As you can see, it is complicated to write text messages in short form. When you try to shorten your text message, you should first browse the English. Too many abbreviations may confuse readers or make your business interactions less professional.

Can you keep a secret? Can you keep a secret for me?

It is absolutely convenient to send text messages, but it should be limited to casual occasions and be visible to readers. Don't send text messages to your boss! In addition, you need to know that text messages can be easily saved and sent to others, or even to people who shouldn't have sent them. If you are not careful, you may be very embarrassed! So the next time you press the "send" key to send a very private text message, you must be careful, or you may send the text message sent to your lover to your boss!

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