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English Grammar final Collector's note-20 flip

FlipThe word order of English sentences is usually fixed: the subject is before the predicate, which is called the statement word order. The phenomenon of all or part of the predicate (auxiliary or modal verb) placed before the subject is called inversion. There are two situations: grammatical inversion and rhetorical inversion. Because the grammatical structure must be inverted, called the grammar flip, in

English Grammar final Collector's note-23 connection words

Connection wordsJoin words are an important part of English, they connect English sentences and paragraphs, make the article smooth and natural, so that the relationship between English sentences and sentences, paragraphs and paragraphs at a glance. Chinese grammar books generally do not specifically relate to connecti

The final collection of English grammar notes-3 comparison of several common tenses

the different ways of expressing tenses in Chinese and English, Chinese people often make tense mistakes when they learn and apply English, especially when writing letters, writing e-mails, and writing narrative texts. The common types of temporal errors are: tenses do not correspond, all must be used in several tenses in a tense, tense mixed or strung (as in the description of past experience, sometimes u

The final collection of English grammar notes-21it Usage Summary

Summary of IT usageIt in English meaning more, use a broader, now summarized as follows.The real subject of it as a sentence1. It refers to people or things that have been mentioned before, and sometimes refers to the person or thing that is in the mind or becomes a problem, the real subject.For example:What's this? -it is a sheep? What is it?? This is a sheep.Who is it? -it ' s Me (I). Who?? It's me.It ' s

The road to Learning English-grammar

works with Google. He has a brother who works at Google. (We don't know how many brothers he has, but there certainly is a job at Google, add the instructions)He wife, who loved him very much and went to see him. His wife, who loved him deeply, drove over to see him.An loquat tree in the yard, which I planted in the year my wife died, was like a canopy now. The court has loquat tree, my wife died in the year flocked also, this is already Kingston as coveredAcknowledgement: Baidu EncyclopediaA s

English Grammar Final Collection notes-10 verb noun

verb nounVerb noun can play the role of the noun, in the sentence as the subject, object, Predicative, attributive. Verb nouns still retain the general characteristics of verbs, and can have their own object and adverbial, constituting a noun phrase. The negative form of the verb noun is preceded by a negative word such as not, never and so on.(a) The master language and the predicative. The verb noun phrase, when used in conjunction with and to make a subject, is called the pragmatic plural for

The most basic rules of English grammar

Rule (1): Two verbs cannot be joined togetherRule (2): If you must use two verbs at the same time, the latter must be preceded by a "to" or the latter added to "ing"Rule (3): Subjects if it is a third person, present and singular, the verb must be added sRule (4): Most of the negative sentences cannot be added directly to the "not"Rule (5): After the indefinite word "to", you must use a prototype verbRule (

English Grammar Final Collection notes-4 auxiliary verbs and modal verb

The first part auxiliary verbThere are only auxiliary words in Chinese, and no auxiliary verbs. This is also a big difference between English and Chinese languages. The English auxiliary verb, is the auxiliary function verbs, itself does not have the independent meaning, cannot do the predicate alone, only plays the grammatical function in the sentence, and the notional verb forms the predicate (called comp

English Grammar final Collector's note-6 "modal verb +have+ done" meaning

that it is no longer present. For example:She used to work into the night. She used to work late into the night. (Not Now)She would work into the might. She used to work late into the night. (doesn't mean it's not right now)People used to think that the sun went round the earth. People used to think that the sun revolves around the earth. (now I don't think so.)I used to smoke quite a IoT, but I had given it up. I used to smoke so much that I quit now.The emphasis and difficulty of modal verbs

English Grammar Final Collection notes-14 independent main lattice structure

lesson in place of Mr Wang.---Mr Wang being ill, Mr Li taught.5) Asia is the largest continent, being about million square kilometer.---..., its size being .... Use the independent main lattice structure to translate the Chinese into English in parentheses: 1) Bing entered the room, _____ (holding a Big apple in hand).----(with) a big Apple in his hand.2) _____ (class dismissed), the childr

Collection | | 11 easy-to-use online check grammar website!!!

Super easy to use 11 online check English grammar website to share to everyone, hope in daily life study work to help everyone. Often in English small partners, not quickly collection, they feel good to remember to share to friends yo! 1, Lang-8:http:// lang-8.com/ 2, Nounplus:https://www.Nounplus.net/grammarcheck/3.

How to use english well!

Writing well in English Amy Rowe 2017l 17,200 6 English and Chinese grammarChinese has a more efficient grammatical structure than English, whichContains extra Cues about number (one or more) and tense (past, present,Future, and gradations of these). English's numerous and redundant cues mayMake it faster for native speakers to grasp number and time, but they ma

What happens when you use office2003 to enter the following curve in English?

With office2003 input English, the following is always the curve is what is going on? According to our experience, in English, there will usually be a red curve or a green curve, which is related to the automatic spelling check and automatic grammar checking function of the office2003. Let's begin to understand why the curve in

CSS3 use @font-face to implement custom English fonts

The legendary CSS3 basically anything can, so CSS3 can customize English font? The answer is very good. @font-face can be used to achieve a custom English font, here is a good example, interested friends can understand CSS3 is already very popular now. The legendary CSS3 basically anything can, so CSS3 can customize English font? The answer is very good.

"The correct use of i.e.,e.g.,etc in English."

complex techniques that require a lot of practice (such as the structure of the article, the clarity of expression and logic).3. In general, if a number can be expressed in three or three words, it should be written in the form of a word (for example, two hundred seventy).4. In the form of the "month-day-year" expression date, the "year" should be separated by commas (that is, the comma is used before and after it).Below, there are some points of note that

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