Why are there so many operating systems on mobile devices?

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What we use on the machine
The number of operating systems is very small, probably including
Windows, Mac
OS, Linux

Several series. In terms of market share
The main operating system on the computer may be

Series and

Series, and


Mostly used in services

Device, of course, recently


The availability
But it is still a little troublesome for many common users. I used

Operating System

System. The user interface is very friendly and software is installed.
But many applications require installation by the user. More importantly, sometimes users may not know which software is missing on their machines.

For many users

Still unfriendly, although this is already

Best of all products
. While

It is actually a niche product, just like Li Jian's song.

And in Kara

There are not many times to sing, so in


It is undoubtedly a leader and monopoly.

However, mobile devices do not have a similar

Products that take such a leading position. This is an accident. It's just a temporary illusion? The mobile devices mentioned here mainly refer to smart devices.

Mobile phone,


, E-reader, and so on. I think the following factors may be the existence of so many mobile Internet
Device operating system reasons (these reasons are sometimes

There is also a near-delivery relationship ).


The operating system vendor provides and installs all the applications for users. users do not have to do any work and only need to use them. Because of the number of application types
Limited volume, many vendors are capable of providing independent operations with these features

System. For example, for the first mobile phone, you only need to buy one and then install the previous one.

Card, all the work before the application is ready (of course, you still need to charge the mobile phone card first, otherwise mobile will not

Happy ).


) The hardware computing capability of mobile devices is effective. In order to reduce power consumption,
The battery's use time is extended, so its processing capability is very weak, so it does not provide users with any interesting software to run.

. At this time, apart from the necessary applications, each operating system may have some unique applications, but the hardware cannot support all
Therefore, the vendor can still implement a relatively independent operating system environment.



) Due to the network bandwidth and the scarcity of online applications, users do not need to install more network application software. This is also set up by the vendor.
A practical and independent operating system environment provides convenience.

You need to support a wide range of applications.


Now, with the improvement of chip technology and the improvement of mobile network bandwidth, the hardware provides more conditions for users to provide more application services,
At this time, users' application requirements are constantly expanding. Therefore, for the previous

Operating system vendors of mobile devices pose challenges. However, due to the improvement of people's computer level and the provision of network application providers

Interface and a basic platform provided by the operating system vendor, giving more people the opportunity

Will develop applications for mobile devices. Apple has created
An example is provided.



I am still taking this path. I don't know

Of blackberry and Samsung

And other possible operating systems in the future.

So far, operating system vendors are constantly providing various
Users have no time to think about their own needs.

So will these operating systems coexist? The operating system of mobile devices does not appear.

Is the operating system monopolized? For this problem, the following factors may affect the future.


Operating systems with a large user base may attract more and more developers to develop applications for them,
This will attract more users to this platform. Of course, it will also attract more hardware vendors to develop

The product eventually leads to one or two leading operating system vendors.


) The addition of application types, the addition of legacy code, and the upgrade of the operating system platform are all provided to users.
Data migration and application software development bring challenges. How to share data between platforms of different versions

Data? How to constantly upgrade existing applications to a later Operating System (some operating systems will provide better support )? These factors
This affects the choice of operating system platforms by developers and users.


. When we have

Mobile phone,


Music player,


Game consoles, maybe me

It seems impossible to share some data between these devices, but in the future, users may really need to provide
The operating systems with some capabilities will have advantages, and will continuously attract more users, the most

Eventually forming a monopoly. As we use


Operating System,

Office software, because
It greatly facilitates the use of users. In this regard, more open operating systems are occupied

Advantages, such



) Open operating systems will attract more hardware equipment manufacturers and more application developers,
Of course, it will attract more users. In the end, some operating system manufacturers may occupy a monopoly. In this


Take the lead
Apple does not know if it will repeat

The same mistakes in the field.


) Any solution lacks a very high technical and market threshold. Currently, no vendor is able to prevent other vendors from entering its own market. So far, it is still in the war of warlords.

Operating system of mobile devices
There may be more operating systems, but will one or two monopoly companies emerge? If we review the development history of many products, the answer may be

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