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For the classification of information sites should be more familiar with it? Like our domestic net is an example, and we have to say today is the most fire Craigslist, the site is the most cattle is not a picture, only a dense text, writing a variety of life-related information. Craigslist looks boring, but it is one of the most popular websites in the United States, what is the secret of its business? What is the difference compared to our domestic net?


Craigslist was created by Cregneumack in 1995 and expanded to 9 cities in the United States in 1999, to 14 cities in 2003, and has so far expanded to more than 500 cities and more than 50 countries. I think Craigslist is so successful because it is a completely free, free platform, a certain monitoring of malicious information, and rely on customer feedback, forming a virtuous circle based on trust, has become the United States's 9th largest Web site! Here's a careful analysis of the elements of Craigslist's success.

   First, foreign (especially the United States) has a tradition of buying and selling second-hand goods . In addition to the site, newspapers, leaflets, advertising and other media will publish second-hand information, and Craigslist is the internet to seize the fast platform, to a large extent, using the existing huge market expansion.

  Secondly, simple design is also very important . Some people may ask: how can such a monotonous website be liked? In fact, this is in line with the American culture and habits, the site's concise, reasonable design is also a popular important reason. During these years, Craigslist only provided users with the services they wanted most, no ads, no spam, because its interface was designed to be simple, so the load and response speed was super fast. And there are no pictures other than the pictures uploaded by the user. Although the interface is simple but the function is very powerful, users of the post management is very convenient, such as useless information in the release after a period of time will be automatically deleted, but in your account can see the past information, simply click on it can recover data. If you want to trade with other users, click the button on the information page to send a message directly to the other person, and then the two sides can start the transaction through a private dialogue, very convenient.

  Third, the website security is high. It should be important for a trading site to be complete. Craigslist has done this, the site for fraud information and spam detection function, users can mark themselves as spam advertising information, if a piece of information is more than multiple users mark the words will be automatically deleted. In addition, the same user can not be published at the same time a number of similar information, and sometimes need to pass the phone verification code to audit postings. This kind of function for bad advertising filtering is not very successful?

Above we say that the nature of the domestic net and Craigslist is very similar, also published some of the life of the information, but why our website does not have such a function and convenience? Because net and Craigslist have two biggest differences:

  First , the purpose of the website management is different. as we said earlier, Craigslist's web interface is simple, without fancy design, but people can quickly find the information they need. And the company CEO Gimbach Mast Business means is also unusual, that is "to maintain a simple style, do not try to pursue the maximization of benefits", so as to avoid the development after the grandiose, the site's good reputation are through the vast number of users word of mouth. And our net? may be due to the domestic web site management trend bar, focus on the marketing and promotion, the content of the information is also a lot of fancy gimmick to do more, I believe that we have some time ago a star of the "fair" that loud slogan fresh memory?

  Secondly, the starting point of the station is different. very c rental and so on. NET the full name of Beijing Flying People Information Technology Co., Ltd. and Market Network, was founded in 2005, this is a Tsinghua university students in Beijing Business Park, the company from the Silicon Valley returned by the founder. Although our country is currently one of the largest classified information sites, but this difference of 10 years of development or can not be ignored.

If we want to bring the success of the U.S. Internet to the market in China, from the previous examples of at least 10 years, and we are faced with the market and the people are completely different from abroad, or can be said that the stage of development is different. At such a stage, we need to undergo painful transformation, adaptation and change, our own classified information platform to do a good job, truly serve the public.

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