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Yiu Jingbo, Chen: Classified information is far from making money

June 7, Cool News CEO Chen and 58 with the City Network CEO Yiu Jingbo to visit Sohu It "create a Circle" column, sharing their respective information in the field of entrepreneurial experience. Cool News is a classified information search engine,

On the matters needing attention in the construction of classified information website

The construction of the chain is one of the necessary SEO work, I believe that without the author said, Seoer can list a large pile of outside the chain construction method: BBs Outside the chain, blog outside the chain, soft outside the chain,

Google follows up with eBay and plans to launch classified advertising

Internet companies realize that advertising classification is the only way to expand the number of users and make profits. EBay has done so, and according to internal news, Google plans to launch its classified advertising business next

How to use the classified information website to construct the outer chain

When it comes to building the chain, there are many ways to build a blog, social bookmarking site submission, forum personality signature, web directory and so on, today I am here with you to talk about how to use the classification of information

Classified website life and death exams: Information authenticity and profitability

As of the third quarter of 2006, there had been more than 200 independent classified information websites in China, and the total number of classified channels for other websites was about 3000. In 2006, the Internet classified advertising market

Brief analysis on the classified information website of the outer chain construction scheme

Speaking of the chain construction, we will know that there are n a variety of outside the chain construction methods, such as forums, links, blogs and so on, but there is a way may be webmaster friends ignore, this is the classification information

Optimize the classified information website by three strokes

Classification Information Network now appears to have been net, 58 with the city such a large site monopoly, but for the classification of local information, or have to do the head. For example, a friend of the "Chongqing Second-hand It Forum", the

Classified information website becomes the new favorite of the Times

Traditional business marketing means has been nothing more than commodity price war, the concept of fire fighting, advertising bombing war, opponent abuse war, local Zujizhan and so on, but since the 90 's, as the network in the domestic wide range

Some tips on how to use the classified information network well

With the rise of classified information network, I believe that do network promotion and SEO people have fallen in love with them, one they can provide a large number of external chain support, and secondly there is a good brand promotion effect.

Classified sites should be wary of cool news

The media has recently reported on the Cool News Network (www.kooxoo.com), which has two basic topics: one is to do classified information "vertical search", and the second is the founder of Chen in search of "senior" background. All in all, these

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