Why does Microsoft need $2.5 billion to buy mojang, a game Minecraft developer?

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I have played many games. After I bought Minecraft, I played for a while. Minecraft gives me a special feeling. I can only use "wow" to describe it.

The most special part of Minecraft is that it has fun in the imagination and creativity of players. I can only have a limited analogy. It gives me a programming feeling. It gives me a way to study Lego, and it gives me a way to learn about Linux.

I spent tens of hours looking at Minecraft's wiki to understand some basic principles, such as studying the necessary space for Tree Growth and lighting conditions, based on these conditions, you can design a high-density Forest Farm. Then, when you see the design of other geniuses on the tubing, I can only "wow" again. For example, underground mining often leads to the intricate 3d maze, which is easy to lose. But have you ever thought about using some system marking methods, so that you can find your way home anywhere in the maze. For example, after reading the monster refresh mechanism, I can only "wow" to see the automatic killing machine designed by foreigners. When I first saw the automated presentation of foreign talent, I once again deeply "wow". Later I found that I had to learn some basic circuit tutorials ~ You have to learn a subject by yourself ......

Minecraft is a game-based R & D process. When you understand some basic operating principles in the game, players can combine these principles and arrange them. Some days they will assemble incredible works.

Maybe foreign Geek culture is prevalent, so Minecraft is so red and red. The acquisition by Microsoft is probably optimistic about the growth potential of Minecraft, and the minds of mojang and notch will certainly have something even more amazing.

Minecraft is far from being developed, and there are too many things to add. For example, mojang mentioned the marine terrain and ecological environment, and the ships that can sail. For example, how can I add programming to Minecraft? I think Minecraft may introduce more rules to simulate a physical world.

The Chief Executive has a new partner.

Microsoft should be optimistic about the growth of Minecraft. I don't play for a long time. I remember mojang mentioned the adventure mode brought about by the unchangeable settings of some parts of the world ...... I feel that Minecraft has the potential to become a simple game development tool.

Why does Microsoft need $2.5 billion to buy mojang, a game Minecraft developer?

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