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That's the point! The website's marketing difficulty is many, any one detail error all may let the website descend, today we summarized the most urgent 11 questions, direct hits the core, Chance Wuzegamin, helps you to create a popular website!

A well-designed website can naturally promote the growth of the company's business and strengthen the brand. A Nielsen study found that the average user was 10-20 seconds on a website. At the beginning of the browsing, the visitor finds the content that is worth further viewing on the Web site for longer periods of time. For companies, this is the clock.

There may be several factors contributing to the loss of a website's value. In order to be able to better user management and have a better website traffic, the following 11 problems will affect the performance of the site should be repaired as soon as possible.

1. Low-quality visual effects

Many people have studied the role of visual effects in communication. A study conducted by the Management Information Systems Research Center of the University of Minnesota in 1986, supported by the 3M company, showed that using visual aids in a demo can increase the persuasive power of 43%. Low-quality visual effects can hinder the development possibilities of the website.

Marketing expert Govend Agavar recommends using high quality images to attract visitors ' attention, increase the number of social sharing, if the picture is selected properly, can even improve the overall search engine optimization (SEO), want to free HD high-quality picture resources, you can set up a large network search map Well, party a revised manuscript less, to ensure that there are surprises !

2. Lack of comment or recommendation

If there is no recommendation bar on the site, then the enterprise will miss a simple, effective marketing tool. The customer has the ability to discriminate. Just telling them the advantages of a product or service is far from enough. Recommendations can help create trust in the product of the enterprise and eliminate the fear that people will have before buying a product. By the way, you set each article at the end of a small series of specially selected topics good text selected, students can pay attention to yo.

3. Lack of color comprehension

Another factor that could cause the company's Web site to be weak is the color of the site. Much of the research on visual information is related to hue. Many entrepreneurs may already be aware of the importance of branding. A strong brand can make the company stand out from its competitors and make the company instantly recognizable to consumers. But if the site is decorated with an unattractive color scheme, it could cause the site to lose credibility in the user base.

Determine the company wants to convey brand information to customers, and ensure that the site can have a relative color scheme, on the color theory of the crash, you can refer to the advantages of the color of a good article, from the basic to the skills to cheat have yo, here first recommend a few high popularity:

4. Outdated information

Scroll down to where the page lists the copyright date. Is the information up to date? According to the SME Trends survey, a seemingly outdated site can cause visitors to close directly.

Customers want to see the company's efforts to maintain the status quo. This includes adding new content to the site on a regular basis and updating the existing version.

5. It is difficult for users to find

If it's hard for users to find your site, even the best sites in the world are useless. Entrepreneurs develop Web pages that are easily found by search engines and customers and do not need to have an in-depth understanding of search engine optimization. Gowen Molin recommended the use of strong domain names, carefully optimize the title of the page to be able to accurately reflect the content of the site and effective use of keywords.

6. Access restrictions on mobile devices

Opening a commercial web site on a desktop computer may seem like opening a piece of artwork, but the company will lose a number of online audiences if the site is not able to display and navigate properly on a mobile device. The leading E-commerce platform, Shopify, uses its own platform to monitor more than 100,000 Web site data, showing that slightly more than 50% of the purchase behavior is done through mobile devices.

7. It is difficult to find contact information

Was it the event that all the salespeople seemed to disappear when there was a need for help in a store? In the retail industry, this is not supposed to happen. This online sales is also taboo. If the customer has a problem or needs help, it should be easy to find contact information for the site. Contact can be based on the needs of different ways, such as video chat, which can also help enterprises to better attract customers, reduce costs and improve sales.

8. Question Answer page

When a customer browses a commercial website, they want to focus on their own site. This means including the parts that answer their questions and meet their needs. An easy way to do this is to include a FAQ page or FAQ page on the Web page. The College of Content marketing recommends highlighting problems through timely responses and the use of file retrieval methods. If possible, simplify the user experience by finding answers in one click. Customers want to get quick and useful information.

9. Mandatory Registration

On the request of customers on the Web site registration, will be in the customer and the company's products to build an artificial barrier. According to a User Experience blog UX Movement Survey, the mandatory registration form lets visitors hesitate to disclose personal information for fear of receiving spam messages. In many cases, consumers will measure whether the information they are going to receive is worth sharing their email address. Make every visit worthwhile and don't let customers do anything they don't like.

10. Automatic playback of audio or video

One way to annoy visitors is to set up automatic playback of audio and video on a Web page. Troy Dreille, senior editor, wrote in a commentary that "the current site is full of audio and video playback over time, and this has a serious impact on the entire network video industry." "Unfortunately, publishers who are desperate for income are still happy to provide automatic advertising." To minimize the impact on the visitor experience, limit the audio and video to 5 seconds, or provide pause keys for long audio and video.

11. Slow Loading time

The digital audience is impatient. Even if the site is full of incredible and appealing content, if the page is too long or too long for the user to load, it will lead to too high a shutdown rate. Visitors attach great importance to their time, so to build a lightning speed to meet the needs of visitors to the fast Web site. Compressing images and large files is a simple way to ensure faster load times. You can use tools such as smush.it to compress files and optimize site performance.

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