Why nerds aren't popular

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1. There is a strong positive correlation between "nerd" and "High IQ".

2. For most people, cleverness is nothing but a matter of insignificance. The weight of intelligence in everyone's heart is far less than the weight of appearance, charm and athletic ability.

3. What the wise man wants to pursue is another thing--cleverness. They want to be able to design fantastic rockets, write beautiful articles, and understand the principles of programming.

4. Smart people do not realize that "popular" needs to pay so much effort.

5, the so-called nerd, refers to this person is not strong social skills.

6, teenagers in the psychological not to get rid of the state of children, will be cruel to treat others. Torture is a kind of amusement before a person produces a conscience.

7. People who are not confident can highlight their identities by abusing the inferior in their eyes.

8, a group of children bully you, not what you did wrong, but the gang to find something to do together.

9, the favorite children do not bully nerds, they do not need to step on the nerd to elevate themselves.


Why nerds aren't popular

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