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In-depth understanding of Oracle exadata

In-depth understanding of Oracle exadata Basic Information Original Title: Expert Oracle exadata Author: (US) ossborne (K.) [Translator's introduction] Translator: Huang kaiyao Zhang leyi Zhang Rui Press: Electronic Industry Press ISBN: 9787121174896 Mounting time: Published on: February 1, July 2012 Start: 16 Page number: 1 Version: 1-1 Category: computer more about, in-depth understanding of Oracle

Oracle Exadata Integration and cloud computing applications (i)

1. Exadata 1.1 Oracle Cloud Computing Introduction  As cloud infrastructure matures, more and more companies are beginning to focus on the implementation of cloud computing, accelerating the deployment of cloud computing solutions, and migrating their IT applications and data resources to cloud environments. For the "cloud" of potential users, they are most concerned about how the "cloud" will be landed, a software and hardware resou

Oracle Database machine Exadata will be a powerful tool against IBM

BKJIA exclusive Article] Oracle's revenue in the third quarter has increased slightly, and the integration of Sun is progressing smoothly. Exadata database machines are in progress, and SAP has divested poor product lines. All bottom and top lines exceed Wall Street's expectations, all of which show that Oracle runs well. With such a good momentum, we have been talking about how Oracle 11g and DB2 9.7 live together? The suspicion of IBM smile becomes

Exadata FireWire Rescue: 10TB-level Data Repair Classic case Detailed!

1:30 A.M., the dim phone ringing, a exadata serious failure ....From previous post (5-hour data evaporation | | 24-hour service downgrade, Salesforce's encounter is only a case? Not far, we met again and again data rescue work. Coincidence with Salesforce, everyone is running on Exadata, unfortunately Salesforce lost 4 hours of data (follow-up did not see the press release, and whether to recover part of th

Oracle new database machine Exadata V2 quotation leakage sword pick IBM

BKJIA San Francisco site report] at the 2009 Oracle Global Conference OpenWorld, OOW, everyone is not new to Oracle new database machine Exadata V2 challenge IBM database machine pureScale. However, the current understanding of the Exadata V2 database machine in the industry remains in many concepts. For enterprise users, it is very practical to know the quotation of the new Oracle Database machine

Oracle exadata Introduction

With the development of enterprise business, there are more and more large data warehouses, and their scale is also expanding rapidly, increasing by three times every two years on average. Large Data Warehouses require scanning dozens, hundreds, or thousands of disks at the highest disk read speed, this requirement can be met only when the pipeline bandwidth between the disk and the server is increased by 10 times or more. Therefore, enterprises often find that the larger the data warehouse, the

The use of "Oracle" exadata daily patrol tool Exachk ____oracle

In Exadata, it is best to run Exachk for health checks when there are any database-independent issues. Exachk collection of information is very complete, eliminating the tedious steps of manual collection. And after the collection is completed, you can make an assessment of the system's health status as a whole, including software, hardware, firmware version, configuration and other aspects of information, found some suspicious points, and then narrow

Exadata deletion: the process of adding a physical disk

Exadata introduces the concepts of lun, celldisk, and griddisk in the disk section. Here we will briefly introduce them. For example, after a physical hard disk is added to the Cell, the LUN will be automatically created, LUN Exadata introduces the concepts of lun, celldisk, and griddisk in the disk section. Here we will briefly introduce them. For example, after a physical hard disk is added to the Cell, t

How to perform a performance calibration test on Exadata I/O

some time ago, I saw MacLean Liu share a good article on Exadata I/O performance calibration: Calibrate Test Exadata IO, this article basically covers the exadata I/O performance calibration method. Just recently someone has asked me this question, so I will try to make some additions to the fish, there is duplication of places please ignore it. If I/O performa

Oracle Exadata All-in-one and cloud computing Applications (iii)

service (IaaS) cloud. In the public cloud, Oracle Cloud is a new cloud computing solution that provides customers with a broad range of application services and platform services. Customers can also choose to run Oracle products in third-party public clouds. Many third-party SaaS ISVs and other public clouds are powered by Oracle technology. Finally, Oracle provides software that integrates across public and private clouds. For a private platform-as-a-service (PaaS) cloud, Oracle offers a bro

[Oracle] Exadata virtual machine configuration (2 ).

[Oracle] Exadata virtual machine configuration (2 ). In the previous article, we will build a DB node. The establishment of a DB node is no different from that of a common RAC node. Note the following two points: 1. Create related directories and add two files [Oracle @ DB ~] # Vi/etc/oracle/cell/network-config/cellinit. ora Ipaddress1 = -- Address of the DB Node [Oracle @ DB ~] # Vi/etc/oracle/cell/network-config/cellip. ora C

Exadata V2, Oracle's first hardware supply board, IBM

future products, specific plans for the Asia-Pacific region are still being developed. Judson also said in the interview that the Exadata V2 database machine, the first hardware product jointly launched by Oracle and Sun, is now available to partners. In the previous advertisement, Oracle offered a reward to allow IBM to "Release the horse", and IBM chose to release its database machine pureScale one day before OOW 2009, known as the "

OSwatcher on Exadata

OSwatcher is a script tool recommended by Oracle for OS-level running status detection. Exadata is installed by default. But how does Exadata automatically start OSwatcher after the system starts? How can we modify OSwatcher parameters to adjust monitoring and log storage policies? This article describes how to modify OSwatcher parameters from system startup to OSwatcher running, script calls in the middle,

How does SQL work with HCC compression tables on Exadata?

Label:Last week, there were clients. HCC compression: In order to reduce the storage to the database bandwidth consumption, so that the storage of HCC compressed all data transferred to the node is decompressed, and when the use of HCC compression, Exadata Intelligent scanning is not available, all the data need to be processed in the data node, Consume all the CPU of the database node?But the actual principle is not so, but the storage node still nee

The most useful feature of exadata-storage Indexes

The most useful feature of exadata-storage Indexes Unknown storage indexes are the most useful functions in exadata. They are not traditional indexes stored in databases like Oracle B-tree indexes or Bitmap indexes. In fact, in the traditional sense, it is not even an index. We cannot use storage indexes to locate a series of records with specific values on a given column. Instead, storage indexes are softw

Oracle Exadata and Exalogic pros and cons analysis

?? The benefits of Oracle's elastic Cloud and data warehousing are obvious, starting with the single vendor offering all the underlying components: Oracle's one-stop-all approach helps streamline licensing, support, upgrades, and consolidation, all handled by a single vendor. This may help prevent frequent vendors from blaming each other for technical problems. It is easier to configure, upgrade, and consolidate a single vendor approach, simplifying the contact and validation paths of these issu

Exadata backup and recovery in oracle

Exadata backup recovery is the same as that of a single machine or RAC database, but there are some optimization best practices for multiple nodes. Today, we will briefly talk about the backup and recovery of Exadata.To fully utilize the I/O capability and multi-node advantages of Exadata, we recommend that you allocate two channels on each DB node for testing. In addition, to allow all DB nodes to particip

Large writes in Exadata Flashcache

In the Exadata storage management software, Flashcache began to support complex sequencing and a large number of hash joins to produce temporary data written to Flashcache, rather than directly to the SAS disk Tempfile, For subsequent reading of these temporary data from Flashcache, this flashcache enhancement will increase the performance of some special SQL statements by more than four times times (note: This feature must be based on the

Exadata (ilom) exercises, exadatailom exercises

Exadata (ilom) exercises, exadatailom exercisesOracle (R) Integrated Lights Out ManagerVersion r65138Copyright (c) 2011, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.-> Show/Targets:HOSTSTORAGESYSSPProperties:Commands:CdShow-> Show/Targets:HOSTSTORAGESYSSPProperties:Commands:CdShow-> VersionSP firmware firmware build number: 65138SP firmware date: Wed Jun 15 08:02:17 EDT 2011SP filesystem version: 0.1.23-> HelpThe help comma

Advantages and disadvantages of Oracle Exadata and Exalogic ____oracle

The advantages offered by Oracle Resilient Cloud and data warehousing are obvious, first of all, that a single vendor provides all the underlying components: Oracle's one-stop approach helps simplify licensing, support, upgrades, and consolidation, all handled by a single vendor. This may help to prevent the frequent prevarication between vendors on technical issues. It is easier to configure, upgrade, and consolidate with a single vendor, simplifying the contact and validation paths of these is

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