WIN10 Building an FTP server

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The following will give you a detailed explanation of how to build an FTP server WIN10.

1, first, we search the control Panel in Cortana and enter;

2. In the Control Panel-Program, click Enable or disable Windows features;

3, before the FTP server, Web management tools and Internet Information Services can be hosted by the Web core tick, click OK, wait for installation;

4. After the installation is complete, search for Computer Management and access in Cortana;

5, find the service and application-internet Information Services (IIS) Manager on the left, click Enter, you can see your computer name in the connection column (small part is desktop-leu8v22), click the expand button to the left of the computer name , right click on the website, select Add FTP site;

6. At this point, you will go to the FTP site to add a wizard. First of all, the wizard will ask you to fill in the FTP site name and set the FTP content directory, the FTP site name can pick you like the fill, small parts here is filled with the FTP server,ftp content directory can also choose their favorite any folder, small series selected is C:\inetpub\ftproot;

7, fill in the FTP site name, set up the FTP content directory, click the OK button, and then click Next;

8, click Next, do not hurry to continue, we check the computer's IP address, in Cortana search command prompt and enter;

9, input command ipconfig, enter, you will see the IP address of your computer, small part of the IP address here is, remember this string of numbers, the next use to get.

10, we go back to the FTP Site Add Wizard, set up bindings and SSL. IP Address bar Enter the IP address just found, the port remains 21 unchanged, enable the virtual host name entry can not be checked, automatically start the FTP site can be checked, SSL can choose No SSL, the operation is completed click Next;

11. Next, the FTP Site Add Wizard will ask you to fill in authentication and authorization information, check the anonymous and basic two checkboxes under Authentication, allow access items to be set to all users, tick the check box before fetching and writing permission, click Finish.

12. At this point we can see that the FTP site has been created successfully and is functioning properly.

13, but this is not over, we want to allow the FTP server through the firewall. Search for firewalls in Cortana, and click Enter to allow apps through Windows Firewall;

14, tick the list of the FTP server before the check box, the following two small boxes to check, then click OK to complete the setup;

15. At this point, you can test your FTP server. Locate Internet Explorer in the Start-windows attachment and click Enter;

16, enter the address bar ftp://[your computer's IP address] (small series here is, enter to access. If you see a list of files and folders in your browser, congratulations, your FTP server has been successfully built.

17, of course, you can also enter the address of your FTP server in the File Explorer, the effect is this,

18, test the transmission speed, but also, smaller than the small-scale 4M small water pipes faster.

19, some students may ask, my FTP content directory There are some things I do not want others to see, how can I prevent other people who know my IP address in the LAN to see my FTP content directory files? Quite simply, let's set the FTP permission rules. First, search for Computer Management and access in Cortana;

20. Expand the Local Users and groups on the left side of the window, click the user, you will see the user list on the right side of the window, right click on the blank, click New User, this will bring up the new User Creation window;

21, the user name and full name can pick you like the fill, the password can pick your favorite settings, the user must change the password the next time before the check box uncheck, tick Select users can not change password and password never expires check box, the operation is completed click Create, the user is created. Small series to two users to assign access to the FTP server, so the small series created two new accounts, respectively, FtpUser1 and FtpUser2.

22. After the new user is created, we return to the Computer Management-internet information Services (IIS) Manager to manage our FTP site. In the Connection window, click [Computer name]-website-[The FTP server you just built] (this is thinkcentre-website-ftp server), double-click the FTP Authorization Rule icon on the right, go to the FTP Authorization Rule Settings window, you can see that At this time the read and write permissions are set to all users;

23. We will delete this item and click on the Add Allow rule in the action Bar on the right.

24. You will see the Add allow Authorization Rule window, we choose to allow access to this content for the specified user, and then fill in the user name of the new user you just created, tick the check box before fetching and writing permissions, and click OK to add after the operation is complete. The small series added two users who allowed access to the FTP content directory, respectively FtpUser1 and ftpUser2;

25, we are in the LAN of other equipment to test;

26. User name fill in the user name that we set when we create a new account, password fill in the password we created when creating a new account, click to login after completing the completion;

27, in fact, there are many FTP server construction options to choose from, and Microsoft Windows built-in solutions to build FTP server cost is relatively low. In addition, you can choose other FTP building schemes, such as more powerful serv-u,

28, through a period of trial, I found serv-u everywhere is good, only one point let me shy-expensive. For personal use, it may not be a good idea to spend a big price on such a premium software.

The above is Win10 to build an FTP server operation method, although the course is long, but the method is not difficult, as long as the patient follow the tutorial step by step operation can, after the completion of the construction, and then want to transfer large files more convenient.

If the FTP server is still inaccessible after you configure the firewall above, modify the following method

Method One:

Create a new rule on the firewall's inbound rules to allow the C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe program to open. Once built, a program with the same name will appear in the firewall's list of allowed apps or features in Windows Firewall.

Method Two: In the Control Panel \ All Control Panel items \ Windows Firewall \ Allowed applications, the C:\Windows\System32\ The Svchost.exe program, which generates the name of the Windows Service master process, generates a process with the same name in the firewall entry rules.

Note: Whether the FTP port is open in the firewall does not affect the login of the FTP server

WIN10 Building an FTP server

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