WIN10 system use OneDrive speed is very slow how to solve?

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The method is as follows:

Programme I: Modification of hosts

The internet will often spread out some "magical" IP, these IP address can let us more quickly run OneDrive. The question is, how do you get these "IP" into effect?

First you have to find a hosts file under the%windir%system32/drivers/etc folder, copy it to the desktop, double-click to open the file in Notepad, and then add two command bars to the end of the file, which is " ", in the middle with carriage return interval.

Add two IP subkeys in the Hosts file, save the Hosts file, copy back to the original location (i.e. "%windir%system32/drivers/etc") and overwrite the original file. At this point the system may be prompted to require permissions, generally click the "Continue" button to complete.

Scenario Two: Improving OneDrive threads

In addition to being able to set IP to make OneDrive access smoother, we can also modify its default thread to further increase the speed of the upper and lower passes.

To do this, open "%localappdata%microsoftonedrivesettingspersonal" to the Settings folder, locate the Global.ini file, double-click it to open it through Notepad, and then add a " Numberofconcurrentuploads=3 "entry.

(PS: The number of items that are threads, the minimum value is 1, the maximum value is 3, according to the actual need to choose)

Finally save the file, reboot the system to make the settings effective.

Scenario Three: Close office with upload Center

OneDrive is not the only cloud synchronization module in the WIN10 system, for example, Office 2016 also brings its own cloud capabilities. Two cloud put together, there is a possibility of conflict, the most obvious example is OneDrive cotton, synchronization failure and so on.

The workaround is simply to turn off the functionality in OneDrive about Office uploads.

You can do this by opening the OneDrive Setup Panel, canceling the use Office to use files with others check box under the Settings tab, so that OneDrive no longer automatically merges collaborative modifications for the same document between different users, and is entirely handled by office.

The above is small series for everyone to share the solution WIN10 system use OneDrive speed is very slow method; users in the same problem can try the above methods, hope to help everyone!

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