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Tools applied in the network environment: useful for the person who is engaged in the maintenance. Also note that some tools require another tool to be used as a base to work, that is, when a tool is working, another tool that is the basis must be executed first. These tools are:

Remote File Storage Diagnostics

Remote file storage Analysis

Distributed File System Utilities

As the network becomes more and more popular, the application of Distributed file system is more and more wide, and the use value of the tool based on network to eliminate the fault is also increasing. For friends who need to work with the Internet a lot, this is part of the deal.

Web-based tools, and not just that. WINDOWS2000 's resource tools are equipped with quite a few of these software-the network management tools that are described below. There are 16 tools in this series, respectively:

Name of the executable file corresponding to the tool name

ADSI Edit Operation Console

DNS Server Troubleshooting Tool (Dnscmd.exe)

DsAcls (Dsacls.exe)

Dsastat (Dsastat.exe)

Kerberos Setup (Ksetup.exe)

Kerberos keytab Setup (Ktpass.exe)

Active Directory Administration Tool (Ldp.exe)

Active Directory Object Manager (Movetree.exe)

Windows Domain Manager (Netdom.exe)

NlTest (Nltest.exe)

Remote Command Line (Remote.exe)

Replication Diagnostics Tool (Repadmin.exe)

Active Directory Replication Monitor (Replmon.exe)

Security descriptor Check Utility (Sdcheck.exe)

Active Directory Search Tool (search.vbs)

Winsock Remote Console (Wsremote.exe)

Because these tools are web-based, or are applied to the network environment, so the real opportunity to practice people, compared with the personal computer environment, is very few. But whether any one technology can develop or not depends on its vitality. Now the popularity of the network, to the popularization of network technology has brought enormous vitality, to maintain the technical advantages of universal synchronization, is the future decisive strategy.

So I sorted out the information, one for learning, and two for the mutual encouragement. Words are said to the point of sincerity, so, in particular, I hope you found that there is no place, must criticize, Fang did not bear my sincerity.

DNS Server Troubleshooting tool

The English full name of this tool is: DNS Server troubleshooting Tool, the role is to exclude the domain Name Service system failure, abbreviated as: DNSCmd. This is a tool for system administrators to use in Domain Name Service system (DNS), which is run in the form of command lines. With this tool, the system administrator can observe the properties, scopes and resource records of the domain Name Service system. In addition, this tool allows you to modify the above attributes manually, that is, you can create, delete, or force event replication between the domain name server's physical memory and the domain Name service database and data files.

In Windows NT, one of the original tools associated with this is called: Dnsstat.exe (which can be found in Windows NT Resource Kit), and DNScmd.exe is the enhanced version of the former.

As mentioned earlier: This is a command-line tool, all command-line programs, you need to run the command console cmd first. Since the use of CMD has been introduced in the previous article, it is no longer explained here. The following section assumes that you have opened the command console.

The use of DNScmd.exe

If you want to get help with DNScmd.exe, you can use the dnscmd/command form to get help details; DNScmd.exe contains a number of commands that can be used in this form if you want to apply help for a given command: dnscmd command/? Where the command is the name of one of the commands specified (see below), the space in front of the command cannot be omitted.

I have verified on my own machine, after running CMD, type dnscmd/after the system prompt, then enter, the display below, considering the space limit, where there is an ellipsis, is omitted the project:

Microsoft Windows 5.00.2195 [Version]

(C) Copyright 1985-1998 Microsoft Corp.


Usage:dnscmd []


. --Local machine using LPC

IP Address--RPC over TCP/IP

DNS name--RPC over TCP/IP

Other server name-RPC over Named pipes


/info--Get server information


/resetforwarders--Set DNS servers to forward recursive queries to

/zoneinfo--View zone information


/zoneresetmasters--Reset secondary zone ' s master servers

/enumrecords--Enumerate records at a name

/recordadd--Create a record in zone or roothints

/recorddelete--Delete a record from zone, roothints or Cache D


/nodedelete--Delete all records at a name

/ageallrecords--Force Aging on node (s) in zone


--parameters specific to each Command

dnscmd/? --For help info on specific Command


The help tips here are simple compared to the formal help documentation. But the most important finding is that the total number of commands provided by the two is not the same. This is not the first time the formal help document is inconsistent with the online prompts. Where the difference is, in the introduction of the relevant orders, will give you a reminder.

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