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In fact, about the Win7 folder how to set the password? This problem is a netizen proposed, netizens said that the two days of the mid-autumn day and friends have to travel together, took a lot of photos back, many of them are shooting more satisfied, but some of the shooting is a bit embarrassing, but the individual does not want to delete, So you want to create a separate encrypted folder on your computer, these individuals feel that shooting is not very good photos are also saved to the encrypted file, so that you can protect their privacy, you can also see, if you have friends or family to see, only to tell the password can, then folder how to set the password?

Because the current is Win7 system, so will be the mainstream of the Win7 system as an example, for you to introduce the next Win7 folder settings password implementation method, first of all, we have to know Win7 system itself is no folder encryption function, we can only use local software to achieve Win7 folder encryption function, Here I recommend several available folder encryption software: More easy to use: Stealth, super file encryption and other software, the following simple description of the stealth file encryption software:

First of all, we search in Baidu "stealth man" can find the software, and realize the next.

Stealth is an important document used to protect computers and mobile storage devices. Private information and a variety of programs of the next generation of computer information security products, can be stored in the computer hard disk/u disk/s disk information to provide easy confidential service software, the use of relatively simple, download installation, the first use for the stealth man to create a password, Then create an encrypted folder in stealth, and then only enter the password to login to the Stealth man can view the folder created before, so as to create an encrypted folder in the computer, Stealth man use method.

In addition, we can also use such as Super file encryption Master software in the Win7 computer for the file set password, because are small and practical software, the use of the method is very simple, here will not be introduced to everyone, interested friends can Baidu search software, and then install the use can be.

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