Win7 system: Do not insert speakers or headphones, how to solve

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About Win7 system no sound prompts "not inserted speakers or headphones" problem, occasionally will appear in the normal operation of the system, whenever there are such problems always let people depressed unceasingly, then encounter this situation we should do? The following small series together with everyone to explore the next notebook win7 system without sound prompts Not plugged in speakers or headphones "How to solve it."

The method is as follows:

1, right key computer desktop Volume icon, opened the Voice dialog box;

2, switch to the "Recording" tab, in the microphone display to see whether the show "not inserted";

3, the line input is also displayed "not inserted";

4, switch to the "Play" tab to see if the speaker Realtek High Definition audio Whether the display is not inserted;

5, through the Desktop Start menu, access to the Control Panel interface, click into the "Realtek High-definition audio Manager";

5, in the open window, there is a folder icon in the upper right corner, click on it;

6, at this time will pop up a jack setting, check "Disable front panel jack detection", click OK Save after exit.

The above is the notebook win7 system no sound prompts "not inserted speakers or headphones" solution, if you want to solve this problem, you may wish to follow the above steps set

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