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WIN7/WIN8 Dual System Installation Tutorial

The introduction of the Win7 WIN8 dual system Installation Tutorial principle is very simple, that is, on the basis of Win7 Win8 installed to the VHD virtual hard disk, this method is actually called VHD installation Win8 method. This Win7 Win8 dual system installation tutorial, often pay attention to pconline friends should have some understanding, because only small series will recommend this history of the simplest two-system installation method.

Seems to be a little more nonsense, immediately into the business!

Note: This method only applies to computers that have been installed Win7/vista.

Step one: Download the Win8 Free Edition and create the Win8 VHD

For those who want to experience testing Win8, there are 3 months of trial time, basically can Win8 all the functions played n times. Therefore, the use of Microsoft officially provided to you to test the Win8 free version of the WIN8 is undoubtedly the best choice.

Warm reminders, small series of article style is long and long-winded to ensure foolproof detailed tutorial class articles, so if a friend feel that they understand these directly can see the title on the line.

In order to let netizens get rid of the complex command code required by the VHD installation Win8 method, "Windows VHD Auxiliary Processing tool 2011" came into being, with this tool, even if the user does not understand the VHD at all, can easily complete the installation Win7 Win8 dual System This seemingly impossible to complete the task. On the other, just because I think it is impossible, the challenge of success has a sense of achievement.

Let's yell and get the Pit Dad's command code to Hell, as long as the easiest way.

Now everyone must be ready for Win7 WIN8 dual system installed two files: one is Win8 free version of the image file, the other is the "Windows VHD Auxiliary Processing tool 2011" Program files. After preparing these two magic weapons, please follow the following graphics and text tutorial to slowly operate it.

The "Win8 free version of the ISO image file (referred to as Win8.iso)" After the download, please use a good compression, such as decompression tool to extract the "Win8.iso", and then in the "Sources" folder to find file size greater than 2G "Install.wim" file ( Install.wim is a Win8 installation file).

Next, open the Windows VHD Auxiliary Processing Tool 2011, click Browse in the "Create VHD" →→→→ "the WIM of the VHD" →→→→ select Win8 "install.wim" file →→→→ "fill in" The VHD's location D:win8 _vhdwin8_v.vhd "→→→→vhd size fill in" 20 or 30G "→→→→ image number Select" Windows 8 Enterprise evaluation ".

Build VHD (click picture to view larger image, below)

If the above section is too wordy, just look at the picture. Small white is best to set up the picture above.

Parameter Confirmation Select "Yes"

If a window pops up asking if you want to format it, click "Cancel".

Ask if you want to format the direct point "Cancel"

It typically takes 5 minutes to install Win8 into a VHD.

Installing WIN8 into a VHD typically takes 5 minutes, and if the time is less than 1 minutes, basically the WIN8 installation is unsuccessful (one of the reasons for the failure may be that there is a problem with the WIN8 image being downloaded). Small series suggest everyone look at the WIN8 installation progress smoothly to 100%.

99% basically means no problem.

After you have successfully installed the WIN8 mirror to the VHD virtual hard disk, the next step is to click "Mount/Uninstall VHD".

Click "Mount/Uninstall VHD" When the operation is complete

Next, make sure that the VHD is positioned after the "d:win8_vhdwin8_v.vhd" that you just set, and then click "Add VHD Item to BCD" and wait for the prompt window that pops up "operation complete" to succeed.

Operation complete

Win7 Win8 Dual System Installation Tutorial is very simple, in the small part seems to be two steps, the first step is to create a Win8 VHD, the second step is to Win8 bootmgr file in place of the C-packing directory Bootmgr file.

Win7 Win8 Dual System Installation Tutorial Step two--replace bootmgr file

Win7 Win8 Dual System Installation Tutorial There are two steps that are most critical, the first step is to create the Win8 VHD we have made it easy, and now we are going to complete the most critical second step-replacing the bootmgr file.

Where is Win8 's bootmgr file?

You can extract after the WIN8 Mirror folder root directory to find Bootmgr files, if you do not want to toss, you can directly download this Win7 WIN8 dual system installation prerequisite file--bootmgr.

Software Name: Bootmgr (Dual system Auxiliary tool)

Software version: Official original

Software Size: 353KB

Software Authorization: Free

Application platform: Win7 Vista Win8

Download Address: Http://

Note: To see bootmgr in C disk, you must display all hidden files. Win7 shows all hidden files in the following ways, click on "C Disk" →→→→ "organization" →→→→ "folder and search Options" →→→→ "View" →→→→ "Advanced Settings" →→→→ Cancel "Hide protected operating system files (recommended)" "Tick →→→→" Show hidden files, Folders and drives.

Win7 you want to set this up to show all hidden files

The key step is to rename the "Bootmgr" of the C disk to "BOOTMGR1".

Why do you want to name it BOOTMGR1? It's just because the little weave feels good and remembers it.

Next, the Win8 "bootmgr" file copied to the C-packing directory.

Copy the Win8 "bootmgr" file to the C-packing directory

Win7 WIN8 Dual System installation has been successful 90%, the last 10% is just Win8 automatic installation, there is no technical content to say.

Win7 Win8 Dual System Installation Tutorial The last step-reboot into the WIN8

When you restart your computer, remember to select Windows win8_v.vhd.

Remember to select "Windows" Win8_v.vhd ""

The WIN8 automatically restarts once during automatic installation, and it takes about 5 minutes before restarting.

Win8 is automatically restarted during automatic installation

After Win8 automatically reboot, remember to select "Windows" Win8_v.vhd again.

When you see the license terms appear, it will prove that the formal completion of the WIN8 installation is not far away.

License Terms

Personalized Selection

After a few more minutes, you will officially enter the WIN8 system. The WIN8 system version is the Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation Edition, and Windows licenses are valid for 90 days.

90-day Trial WIN8 Enterprise Evaluation Edition

WIN8 has been activated automatically

WIN8 has been activated automatically (enlarged image)

Win8 personalization is ready to work

Win8 sync function can also be used normally

Win7 Win8 Dual system has been successfully installed, can now enjoy the use of WIN8! If there are no drivers, you can use the Driver-driven wizard to automatically install the missing drivers.

Troubleshoot Win7 WIN8 dual system installation

If you ask Win7 Win8 the most common problem with a dual-system installation, "Windows cannot verify the digital signature of this file." This error occurs because the second step is not performed perfectly. The solution is actually very simple, is to see if C disk bootmgr file is Win8 bootmgr, if not, please replace again.

Windows cannot verify the digital signature of this file

If the rest of the D disk is less than the size of the VHD you set (20G), you cannot enter the system during the reboot or even create a "Win8 VHD".

The partition that holds the VHD file must have enough space

If the installation process encountered more incredible problems, please leave a message, small set to see the ability to answer.

Win7 Win8 Install the step! Create n a Win8 play at random

Win7 Win8 Dual System Installation Tutorial is two steps, very simple, even if the error will not have any harm to the original Win7 system. If you want to create n Win8, and want to restore the WIN8 system at any time, then look at the next thing.

Well, the trick is to "create a differential vhd." The principle is simple, we can understand that, with the created Win8_v.vhd as the master, create a sub disk (differential VHD), the sub-disk is separate from each other, we usually work on the sub disk, resulting in any operation will not have any effect on the master.

Most importantly, the file size of each sub disk is only 200K, which means you can create n Win8 to play at random.

How to create a direct look at the picture bar.

Small series suggests creating a differential vhd like this

Select "Yes"

Select "OK"

If you want to restore the Win8 of the child disk to the state of the master, select Fast Restore Win8_v_child when you turn on the boot. VHD ". This quick restore do not just disorderly point oh, really is the second kill type restore WIN8.

For more purposes of creating a differential VHD, the author will give a detailed introduction in another article, please wait and see.

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