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First download a tool remote tools for Visual Studio 2012 RC from Microsoft

Remote tools for Visual Studio 2012 RC allows remote debugging, remote testing, and performance profiling on computers without Visual Studio. This tool also allows you to install a developer license on a computer running Windows 8 release preview and deploy a Windows Metro-style application.Program.

1. Install the debugging tool on a real machine with a touch screen or a Win8 tablet.

2. Right-click the properties of the project, click the debug option, enter the IP address of the target machine in the remote debugging machine, or click find to automatically find the target machine.


3. If the Windows 8 developer license is not installed on the target real machine, a dialog box for installing the developer certificate will appear. Click Install. (My computer has installed the developer license)


4. Enter your registered Microsoft developer account and password to log on.

After the input is successful, an expiration date will appear (you can renew it after expiration ).


Click remote machine to debug the real machine.


Finally, you must note that the target host must be logged on with Microsoft's live ID before it can be connected. Otherwise, it cannot be connected to the target host.


Hope to help developers later !~~.


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