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While Windows8 is still in pre-release versions, major software vendors and online service providers are gearing up for development and testing to prepare for WINDOWS 8 compliant programs. At that time, I wrote a piece about the construction Bank Network Silver Shield is unable to use the problem and its solution. With the official listing of WIN8, the compatibility of WIN8 with Web sites and software is commendable, thanks to the cooperation and efforts of various software providers. For the daily use of the net silver, many have been updated to require the user to install the control, users on the WIN8 use of the net silver, will not encounter a hindrance problem.

But after I recently bought a DELL Vostro laptop, I found some problems with the bank's net-silver security controls. Remember before in the Win8 RC version, it's problem with 64-bit system is not very compatible, resulting in the keyboard in the Password input box, each press a letter, the input box will die, a long time to reflect the input of the letter. After fixing the problem of suspended animation, I tested everything normal on my HP EliteBook 64-bit WIN8 official edition. But a few days ago, after I tried repeatedly, on the Dell Vostro 5460, every time you install the BOC security control, all keyboards, whether laptops or plugged into USB keyboards, will fail, that is, the keyboard no longer works, and any typing will not be effective. Perhaps for unsuspecting users, they may even think the keyboard is broken, and because of the keyboard malfunction, it's hard for them to get help through the machine.

Search the Internet, you can find that this problem not only I met a person, a lot of people write the solution is to delete%systemroot%system32driversetd.sys and then restart, but I believe that this is not the solution to the problem. Because it was verified that the file was Dell's touchpad-driven, the touchpad was actually produced by ELAN Microelectronics Company. Search found that many brands of laptops, such as Dell, Asus and so on, as long as the touch version (on 64-bit Windows 8), users in the installation of BOC Silver, you will encounter this problem of keyboard failure. (for example, Dell Vostro 5460, Dell Inspiron 15R, Asus A45, and so on.) )

So it is conceivable that when the bank lets the user install his security controls, the installer must have added a driver for the system to filter user input, and the driver will interfere with the normal user input device driver. Through the experimental environment to restore the steps of the time, collect data and analyze, I found this row security control release of the driver file--protectora.sys (there is also a call Protect.sys, is not found, estimated to be temporarily generated intermediate files)

From the signature of this document, it is the digital signature of the Bank of China, but the time of signing is 2010, a bit old. Again, in 2008, the Copyright Office, through the text in the document description, is a keyboard-protection driver that should be related to the contents of the user input device or incoming content of the user input device (filter type).

Thus, the update of the BOC control is a new version, compatible with most of the 64-bit WIN8 security controls, still contains a very old "core." Perhaps the control's release before, is also not a rigorous standardized testing. Think about what I have written before the CCB and China Mobile recharge control problems, perhaps the Bank of the control is also a package to a third-party company to write, but the use of the Bank of China's certificate for code signing. Believe that this has always been the electrical and network services of the major companies headache problem: they may not have professional to do the program development of employees, and outsourcing, because they do not understand the technology, can not be a third-party company's work for professional verification and acceptance, so the quality is difficult to control. But Ah, for such a large bank, can not afford a major software companies to do control development to ensure quality? or set up a software development team should not be a problem.

Finally, if you are experiencing this problem, you can save the following content in Notepad as a. cmd format for removing Protecta.sys, the driver of the problem:


After testing, removing the row driver and restarting the computer, keyboard failure will be resolved, and you can still log on to the online bank of BOC. It's just that there's a certain possibility that the controls in the bank can no longer "protect" your keyboard input (depending on what the developer is doing with the driver), so please be aware that if this driver of this control causes problems with your computer, be aware of the potential risk of deletion, And this is entirely your personal behavior and voluntary decision. If you have deleted, please use your own computer when you log in, and be aware of the security of your computer's software environment. I also hope that the Bank of China can solve this problem at an early date. Please contact the Strider Service hotline, select the online banking took, and then report the problem

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