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Now the vast number of game players in the game in the operating system compatibility problem, can be said to be very concerned about. Because the exclusion of other, such as network games required network bandwidth, computer hardware configuration, the game client side does not have a good compatibility, the game experience will not be discussed. So in the current WIN8 operating system, is not all the current mainstream game can be very good in the Win8 run?

In order to understand this problem, we specially from the ordinary player user most commonly used game, chooses among them 22 games to carry on the compatibility test, for everybody to uncover the mainstream game in Win8 compatibility situation.

Game Mapping 22 mainstream game WIN8 compatibility test

Game compatibility test
Software name Compatibility performance

League of Heroes

Through the FireWire. Compatible
Underground City Warriors Compatible
Call of Duty 9 Incompatible (black screen)

Running through the FireWire perfectly

The League of Heroes is a great game experience in Win8.

The Underground city is better compatible with Warriors

In the first part of the test, four popular games in the League of Heroes, through the FireWire and Dungeons and Warriors three game Win8 compatibility is good, especially the heroic Alliance and cross the line of fire, the overall performance of the game is more satisfactory; but Call of Duty 9, when the game is running, the screen can enter the black screen state , and can't get into the game normally.

QQ Dazzle Dance/QQ Rook/starcraft 2/World of Warcraft

QQ-Hyun Dance is a 2008 launch of Tencent Company's emphasis on leisure, fashion, dating online multiplayer 3D interface Music Dance game, by Tencent and Beijing Yong Hang technology joint release. The game has many modes including: Dazzle dance mode, traditional mode, rhythm pattern and so on 16 kinds of modes. and QQ depth with deep integration, to establish a rich dating system.

QQ speed is designed for QQ users to create a fashion racing game, the use of physical engine PhysX to ensure the real sense of the vehicle running.

StarCraft 2, World of Warcraft, I believe that here I do not have to introduce more of these two people are concerned about the game, we are very familiar with. Next, go directly to the topic and test the compatibility of the four games involved in this section.

Game compatibility test
Software name Compatibility performance
QQ Dazzle Dance Incompatible (TP validation error)
QQ Rook Compatible
StarCraft 2 Compatible
Warcraft Compatible

QQ Rook Perfect operation

World of Warcraft Perfect operation

StarCraft 2 Perfect

This part of the test of the four games, according to the current version, only the QQ dance game at present in the TP validation problem and led to the game can not be further operation. The remaining three product compatibility performance is very perfect.

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