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Speaking of Windows Mobility Center, we are not unfamiliar, this feature from the Windows 7 system has been integrated, to bring us convenience. It is worth mentioning that the mobile center function is limited to laptops or tablets, and only on mobile devices can play the value of mobile center.

How to start a mobile center

In the Win7 system, we generally can start the mobile center through the win + X shortcut key mode. But in the Windows 8 system, the shortcut is a handy menu that includes many options, but also includes a mobile center.

1.Metro or desktop, shortcut win + X, select Mobile Center in the pop-up menu.

Win + x Popup shortcut menu

2. Move the mouse to the bottom left corner of the screen, when a small thumbnail, right-click pop-up shortcut menu, select Mobile Center.

Move the mouse to the bottom left corner of the screen operation

Actions on the Start screen

interface function of Mobile Center

Because the mobile center is mainly the face of mobile devices, so here, including display brightness, sound size adjustment, power options, such as the fast settings can be operated here.

Windows 8 Mobility Center


For display brightness adjustment, Volume control and power settings and so we are very easy to operate, here also to the frequent use of projection friends to introduce the "demo." This feature is intended primarily for docking projectors or second display devices, which enable quick shutdown and opening, as well as settings for demo.

Click on the projector logo in the mobile Center and go to the Demo Settings dialog box.

Demo settings

Check "I am currently demonstrating", the following instructions are easy to understand, such as the system update in the demo does not pop the prompt box, long time does not start hibernation, turn off screen protection and so on. This allows us to focus on the demo document so that it is undisturbed.

Another option--show the background, general, maybe our desktop background will be more fancy, in the business demo, the appearance of beauty, cartoons, alternative desktop background, obviously inappropriate, but back and forth to change the background also seems very troublesome. So here, we can choose a suitable picture as a projection on the desktop background, and the current computer background is two sets of programs, do not interfere.

Select a picture as the background on the demo

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