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Full function: Sina Micro Blog

Software Introduction: Sina Weibo Windows 8 official client, share Weibo to change your life. Designed for Windows 8 users Sina Weibo client, the realization of the reading, publishing, comments, forwarding, attention, search and other major functions, support the local camera on-call, and support the lock-screen status of new message reminders.

Sina Micro Blog

Win8 version of the Sina Client interface is very concise, we mainly introduce some commonly used operations, hoping to help everyone in the day-to-day use of the obstacles. The home page is the microblogging display, the left and right sliding screen can browse and refresh the microblogging, this is ASUS Vivotab Smart such Win8 tablet most commonly used to the operation.

In the upper-right corner of the screen is the user avatar and Twitter button, click on the Weibo can pop up the micro-blog editing window, support release location messages, topics, pictures, @ and expression. Click on a personal avatar can open a personal homepage, to view the release of their microblog, fans, friends and so on.

Personal homepage

Slide down the top of the screen to bring up the menu bar, where we can see the comments, @ and DMS received the message, and Weibo square can see the current hot microblogging topic.

Menu bar

Finally, slide the screen to the right of the screen and pull out the charm bar to select "Settings", where we add the admin account, view the draft box, and manage permissions, such as whether to allow the call to the camera and so on.

Add account

In general Win8 version of the microblogging client can still meet our daily use needs, but there are some features to be further improved, such as friend Group management and so on. However, comments and forwarding these functions are doing a good job, a little fresh feeling.

Small Fresh Design: everyone

Software Introduction: Everyone Windows 8 client integrated platform many features, will be a variety of new types, friends, albums and video media and other content of the main body on the platform to be displayed, strengthen content sharing, state release, comment back, fast upload, multiple upload and other user Content dissemination mode, Continue Renren SNS business and lead the new storm of Windows 8 social experience.


Everyone's interface design is very concise, all the content is displayed in the interface, there is no layer of layers of redundancy. First, all the new things are displayed on the screen, slide left and right screen browsing, click the Refresh button to refresh. The left side can be categorized to see new things, including photos, status, sharing, logs, and so on.

Publish Status

The top is a quick release button, you can click the Publish status, picture and location, support multiple images sent. At the far right of this row is the message center entrance, which allows you to view other people's messages, comments, and @ messages. The icon turns red when there is a new message.

Message Center

Slide the finger down at the top of the screen and we can see the Toggle tab, where you can switch new, buddy, and personal home pages, which is also the only part of the hidden option. On the home page we can query status, personal data, logs, and so on, but also can edit personal avatar.

Top Menu

Finally, slide the screen to the right of the screen and pull out the charm bar to select "Settings", we can clean the cache and logout account.

Everyone WIN8 version of the interface can be said to be very characteristic of the plane of the design so that all the features are presented, this design concept is also Win8 insist. In daily use, the Win8 version of everyone is absolutely enough.

SMS can also be sent: flying letters

Software Introduction: The letter is a "comprehensive communications services" software, including online messages, SMS and other communication methods, covering three different forms (full real-time, quasi real-time and non-real-time) of the user communication needs, to achieve the Internet and mobile network seamless communication services. WINDOWS8 version of the letter also has a unique free sms function.


Login to fly after the first we see is a friend list, click on the upper left corner of the characters, but also to switch different groupings. Click on the avatar can be a session, where we can send messages or text messages.

Chat interface

In the Buddy interface, slide up the screen from the bottom to see the button to add Friends, click to add Friends, and add to the user can be directly grouped.

Add a Contact

However, the application is still not able to send pictures and voice, so we also look forward to a more complete version, the current version is also sufficient state.

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