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Now that Win8 has made such a change, we need to adapt to it gradually, and we will find it more powerful than the previous "Start menu" as we slowly adapt.

Win8 "Start Screen"

The first is to open the way, the Start button in the Win7 is at the left of the taskbar, click on the "Start Menu" can also be used "Windows key" exhaled. Although there is no Start button in the Win8, the user still has to click on the left-hand side of the taskbar to bring up the "Start Screen", as well as supporting the "Windows Key" exhaled. There is no difference at all between the two.

Win7 's "Start Menu"

Then on the content side, in the Start menu, the user can find the application installed on the computer through "All Programs", which is also the Win7 user uses the "Start Menu" function. So let's take a look at Win8 's "Start Screen" and just click on the right button to select "All apps" and we can also find all the applications in the computer.

All programs in the WIN8

From the above we can see that Win8 's "Start screen" is completely inferior to the traditional "Start menu", we simply understand it as a full screen of the "Start Menu" is good.

But let's say that Win8 's "Start screen" is actually more practical than the "Start menu," Why? In the Start menu, the system only displays the programs we use in the main interface, and if you want to open other programs, go to the "program" layer.

"Start Menu" limited program content

But in the start screen the user has more freedom, can fix any program to the main interface, and can be randomly sorted, so just open the "Start screen" We can find all the programs we want to use.

Win8 any program can be fixed to the main interface

As for the original "Start Menu" in the "Run", "search" and other functions, users can now use the "Windows key +x" key combination to open the function menu, there are all the features options.

Win8 function Menu

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