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around where have fun: Tiger Treasure

Software Introduction: Tiger Treasure is a comprehensive upgrade version of the Tiger Map, is designed for WINDOWS8 users to create a life treasure! Search Life, search locations, search around, search traffic omnipotent, all kinds of food, drink, all kinds of play, all kinds of music everything!

Open the Tiger Book we can see a multiple-block interface, the left side is the search classification, the right side is the traffic planning function. Our focus here is on the left side of the Life Service information, which is sorted out in 8 categories of food, entertainment, shopping, hotels, sports, beauty, banking and tourism.

The search classification of Tiger treasure

Click on any category, such as we want to eat to click on "Food", then we entered a large map interface, with the help of W510 positioning function, can directly locate our current location. Then you can see the surrounding food shops on the map, and the map to the left is also the corresponding list.

Results list Larger Map

Click a store to enter the details of the interface, we can see the store's address, phone, type, recommended dishes, business hours, etc., switch tags can also check the value of the store.

Shop Details

When we right-click on the screen, we can see that the menu bar below will pop up the "Go here" option, so we can get detailed travel or transfer routes, is it convenient?

Route navigation

If we use Acer W510 notebook, we can also take down the screen as a tablet, so we can even carry it around, anytime and anywhere to find a cheap place.

  Check the price parity: I check

Software Introduction: I check is currently the most complete department store bar code data query, support one-dimensional code and two-dimensional code scanning, as many as thousands database free of charge to users query use. Support Auchan, Wal-Mart, Carrefour, big run hair, bu bee lotus, good and many, Century Lianhua, Suning, Yongle, when, Jingdong Mall, online 1th stores and other large supermarkets bar code price inquiries.

I'll check.

Open me. We will find that the interface is very concise and clear, what should be done at a glance can be seen. The left side is the most commonly used functional area, through barcode and two-dimensional code scanning to obtain merchandise information.

Scan barcode or two-dimensional code

After the scan we can compare the price, we can see your city of the bulk of the commodity prices, as well as online shopping malls, and the user's comments on the product and so on. When you click on one of the stores, you can also view the price of all its stores and the information about the stores.


Of course, in addition to scanning we can also through "watching lively" to inquire about the price of other popular goods, as long as the click on the view, very simple.

Price of each store

Finally, I check that we can automatically locate our city, but we can also manually adjust. Slide the mouse to the bottom right corner of the screen to bring up the charm bar, and in "settings" we can find the "switch City" option.

So want to check the price to use me to check it, line online next together, as long as a scan can be easily completed.

Collection voucher: Tintin discount

Software Introduction: Tintin is a collection of all the city's preferential discount information software, paperless electronic coupons, through the interest test personalized customized your favorite beer and skittles, according to the location of the most favorable food, leisure and entertainment, shopping, hotels and other preferential discount information.

Tintin offers

For the first time to enter Ding ding discount we need to have a set of interests, here we will step on the diet, entertainment and life services to set an interest in setting, after the completion of Tintin discount will be based on our interest to recommend a discount shop.

Interest settings

To enter the preferential details, we can check the details and introduction of the shop and the preferential activities, as well as the user's evaluation. If you are interested in it, you can "put it in your pocket" so that you can use it in a disconnected network by synchronizing the clouds.

Offer details

In the upper right corner of the interface we can see our personal center, here are three options, the first is "wallet", here are the "gold coins" We have obtained, we can redeem some more valuable coupons through the gold coins.

My wallet.

The second is the pocket, which collects all the coupons we keep and can be used at any time. If you want to use it in a disconnected environment, you need to sync to the local by cloud. The last one is the message center, nothing special.

A coupon in your pocket

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