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What exactly are the Win8 versions?

What are the differences, differences and differences between the versions of WINDOWS8?

WIN8 flagship edition has wood?

What's the best version of Win8?

Which version of WINDOWS8 should I use?

Before the soft media earlier this year explained the WINDOWS8 Standard Edition, WINDOWS8 Professional Edition and WIN8 Enterprise Edition, Windows 8 RT Each version of what the difference and differences, but separate two articles to explain, today found still have a lot of friends are still asking, I'll explain it to you again in particular.

This afternoon leaked 64-bit Simplified Chinese version of the Win8 CD image is the second in one, the Windows 8 Standard Edition (commonly referred to as Windows 8) + Windows 8 Professional Edition (called Windows 8 Pro), according to the user entered the serial number (that is Win8 key) To differentiate between installations. The WIN8 Enterprise Edition (called Windows 8 Enterprise) is a separate disc image. Of course, there is also a special WIN8 version, which is the Windows8 RT version, this is for the ARM processor architecture. For traditional desktops and laptops, the Win8 Enterprise Edition, WIN8 Professional Edition and WIN8 Standard Edition are basically involved.

Windows 8 Standard Edition (commonly referred to as Windows 8): Windows 8 is the best choice for ordinary users. Includes a new Windows store, Windows Explorer, Task Manager, and so on, and includes functionality services that were previously available only in the Enterprise/flagship edition. For new markets such as China, Microsoft will provide local language version Win8, Win8 Chinese version.

Windows 8 Professional Edition (called Windows 8 Pro): For technology enthusiasts and enterprise/technicians, a built-in series of WIN8 enhanced technologies, including encryption, virtualization, PC management, and domain name connectivity.

WIN8 Enterprise Edition (called Windows 8 Enterprise): will include all the features of the WIN8 Professional Edition, in addition to meet the needs of the enterprise, Win8 Enterprise Edition will also increase PC management and deployment, advanced security, virtualization and other functions. The special features of the WIN8 Enterprise Edition are as follows:

windows to go: Let Enterprise users get "Bring Your Own PC" experience, the user realizes carrying/running WIN8 through the USB storage device, lets the system, the application, the data and so on carry on the movement.

DirectAccess: Allows enterprise users to log in to the intranet without VPN, and to help administrators maintain computers, software updates and other operations.

BranchCache: Allows users to cache files, Web pages, and other content via a central server to avoid frequent repetitive downloads.

AppLocker: Resolves the problem by restricting the files and applications that the user group is allowed to run.

VDI Enhancements: Enhanced in Microsoft RemoteFX and Windows Server 2012 to provide a rich experience for users by supporting 3D graphics display and touch devices.

• New Windows 8 application deployment: WIN8 Enterprise users can obtain automatic deployment of WIN8 Metro applications.

• Microsoft is also committed to WIN8 Enterprise version of the user experience will also be further enhanced, more user-friendly management.

Windows RT: This is a new member of the Windows family and the official name of the previous Windows on ARM (WOA). Windows RT is focused on the arm platform and will not be individually retail, only in a preinstalled fashion. Windows RT will contain desktop versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote that are optimized for touch, but do not allow installation of other desktop versions of the software and create Metro applications for them through the WINRT development environment.

Functional differences between Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, and Windows RT:

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