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If the use of Win7 is in a familiar environment, then WIN8 brings us two exciting environments, one is the new "start" screen and its application ecology, and one is familiar with the Win7 desktop system. This means that Win8 has a very strong compatibility, can effortlessly run Win7 procedures, easy to start without pressure.

In fact, an operating system to do windows so, basically do not need too much care about compatibility issues. As one of the most widely used operating systems, any software vendor will try to move them around so that they can run their programs on the new system, which is an upward-compatible process.

Win8 not only this interface

However, we are still the most commonly used in several types of work-related software for the WIN8 compatibility test, I believe that we read the test report will have a general understanding of the compatibility of WIN8.

The first is the tool software, in the browser, in addition to its own IE10 browser, Google's Chrome browser can also run smoothly in the WIN8 system, and with Metro mode, this point Google has done very well.

Chrome runs perfectly under the Win8

And in office software, because the most commonly used Microsoft Office Office suite and WIN8 system with the same gate, the compatibility is naturally not a problem, perfect compatibility.

As a working platform, the security of the system also needs to focus on the aspect, so we also do the relevant compatibility test, the results show that the Windows 8 official version of the current security software compatibility, has been able to do, the vast majority of security software and Windows 8 is perfectly compatible.

Security software Compatibility test

Finally, the game is more concerned about the compatibility of games, we will find that the recent development of the game has begun to clearly identify the support Win8 system, and Steam survey Win8 the number of players also rose fast. In addition, the game sold in recent years even if the box does not indicate support WIN8, after our testing, most of the mainstream game can be smooth operation. (at least the author played a few of the masterpiece does not appear compatibility problems.) )

The new masterpiece has already supported Win8.

So we can conclude that there is no problem in running the WIN7 program in Win8, WIN8 compatibility is consistent with Microsoft's continuous continuity, any Win7 users can quickly start after contact with Win8.

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