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Securing the software to the taskbar

In fact, this function in the Win7 era there are a lot of people in use, but because the WIN8 in the interface made some adjustments, so fixed to the taskbar process also appeared some small changes. But it does not matter, it is still very simple, a learning will.

First we have to find the software we want to fix to the taskbar, to install the directory folder? Of course not, that's too much trouble. Go to the Start screen and then right-click the mouse (if the touchscreen computer slides up from the bottom edge) see "all apps."

How to find all applications

By clicking on it we can see all the software installed on the computer and arrange alphabetically, so it's easy to find our target software. But here's a reminder that the Win8 app in the Windows store can't be pinned to the taskbar and can only be fixed to the start screen, so don't hit the idea.

Find our target software, right click on it, if the touchscreen computer needs to hold down the icon and then gently pull down, so that at the bottom of the screen there is a toolbar, on the toolbar we can immediately find the "fixed to the taskbar" option.

Find "pin to taskbar" in the toolbar

Of course, if you install a lot of software and can remember the name of the software, then use Search can quickly find the target software. And then just like the top right click on the toolbar to select "Fix to Taskbar" on it.

You can also use the search

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