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Press "Win key + Q", we can directly into the "application" search, in the search box input "screenshot" word, Win8 can find the system with the "screenshot tool" application.

Diagram: Easily search the system's own "screenshot tool" in WIN8 applications

Right-click Win8 "screenshot Tool" to select "fix to start" or "fix to taskbar" from the action bar at the bottom of the screen.

Diagram: Pin the Win8 screenshot tool to the Start screen or taskbar

Diagram: Screenshot tool fixed to Win8 start screen and taskbar

Whether you click on the Win8 Start screen or the Screenshot tool icon in the taskbar, you will go to the traditional Windows interface to open the screenshot tool (pictured below). Click the Small triangle button to the right of the new button, select screenshot mode in the pop-up Drop-down menu, there are four choices: "Arbitrary format screenshot" (irregular shape), "rectangular screenshot", "Window screenshot" or "Full screen screenshot".

When you click the New button or press the shortcut key "CTRL+PRTSCN", the entire screen is covered with a translucent layer of white to indicate a screenshot. To exit the screenshot state, press the ESC key.

Icon: Win8 Screen Tool interface

Win8 screenshot Tool new features: one-step quick copy screen save directly to the screenshot folder in the picture library

Keyboard shortcuts: "Win +prtscn".

Touch action: If you use a tablet computer, press the Windows Logo button + reduce the volume button.

After a short period of blurred screen, WIN8 will copy the screen directly and save it to the Screen capture folder in the photo gallery. This function is not in the screenshot tool that the Win7 system brings.

Diagram: Screenshot pictures are saved directly to the screenshot folder in the Win8 picture library

Diagram: Screenshot picture in Win8 Picture Library "screenshot" folder

Can the system take screenshots tool to intercept new interfaces such as Win8 start screen? Yes, of course!

Since Win8 's screenshot tool started with a traditional Windows desktop, many friends wondered what to do if they wanted to intercept a new interface such as the Win8 Start screen. In fact, the method is also very simple, keep the screenshot tool is in the running state, Then let the WIN8 computer back to the start screen or other applications that need screenshots, and then press the "Ctrl +prtscn" shortcut keys to enter the screenshot state. To exit the screenshot state, press ESC to exit.

Icon: For the Win8 start screen can also be done screenshots

Icon: For the Win8 start screen can also be done screenshots

After the screenshot is complete, there are some simple processing tools to use: Save, copy, email, pen, highlighter, eraser, etc. A look at the icon to know the corresponding function, very intuitive. You can also send a message directly to a friend.

Diagram: Win8 screenshot can be done after simple processing

Diagram: Win8 screenshot can be sent after the message

Win8 Free Shape screenshot

We select "arbitrary format screenshot", click the "New" button or in other screen interface Press "Ctrl +PRTSCN" shortcut keys, the cursor will turn into scissors, drag the mouse to draw a screen around the object of irregular lines, and then release the mouse, Arbitrary shape of the screenshot is completed. If the line is not closed, the Win8 screenshot tool automatically connects the end to the line.

Diagram: Win8 arbitrary shape screenshot

Diagram: Win8 arbitrary shape screenshot

Win8 screenshots can be saved as HTML, JPG, PNG, and GIF files.

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