Windows7 How to use IME in Word to switch the shortcut key to fail

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Now advocate paperless Office, even when the meeting is also with a notebook computer to do the meeting records, at this time the most afraid of is the Windows 7 system panic, or input method problems can not be words, leaders speak words will not stop waiting for you. If you encounter a panic, there is no other method can only restart immediately, I hope that the boot speed will not be too slow, if you encounter an input method suddenly switch but come, do not sit there staring, quickly solve it!

If you're having problems with IME that you can't switch in Word, see if it's just in a Word document, and if so, click File-Options.

Open Word Options

In the Options window, click Advanced, and then from the Right Detail window, locate the IME control is active and tick it.

Checked Input method control is active

Restart Word to see if the problem is resolved.

Exit and restart Word

If not only the input method switch in Word is not valid, it will not be able to switch in other applications, such as Notepad. Or some software from the shortcut keys and the system's default input method to switch shortcut keys conflict, we can change the system's default settings. Right-click the Language bar and choose settings.

Open Input Method settings

After the text service and input language window pops up, switch to the Advanced Keys Settings tab. Select an action (such as a language switch or full half switch), and then click the Change Key Order button to enter the custom window.

Change Input Method key order

Define a set of shortcut keys according to your own habits, and save the settings.

Change key order

Finally, press the "OK" button to save all settings, and then press the shortcut key to switch the input method.

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