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With the popularity of wireless networks, more and more home users have wireless routers and wireless network cards, through the combination of wireless devices can let us at any point in the home to leave the network cable, enjoy surfing anytime and anywhere fun. However, in the actual use of some ordinary users will often appear in such or such a password to forget the problem, wireless routers, WEP encryption remote and local passwords can be found by some way back? The answer is yes, today we will come to specific understanding of the wireless password to retrieve the work slightly.

  One, which wireless passwords will be lost or forgotten:

Generally speaking, home users wireless network mainly consists of wireless router and wireless card, wireless network card does not exist password, install the correct driver can be used. Therefore, the login password is mainly wireless routers, often have users send me for help information, claiming that their wireless router login password forgotten or arbitrarily changed by hackers.

Wireless router

In addition to the wireless router login password will be lost, some readers will improve wireless network security for wireless transmission data for WEP or WPA encryption operations, encryption use of the key will also be forgotten, this part will also involve the key to retrieve the problem.

And there's a lot of times we can't have access to the wireless router. Only if you have set up WEP information on your local computer to connect to the wireless network, then we can only retrieve the password locally when we change or query the WEP encryption information, which also involves the local WEP information retrieval problem.

  Second, the wireless router login password to retrieve:

We will not be able to login to the wireless router's governance interface to make any settings and modify parameters when we forget the wireless router login password or the password previously set has been tampered with by hackers. In addition to a few manufacturers of wireless routers have a universal password or login to crack loopholes, if not previously on the parameters of the configuration file to save, to save the current settings to restore the parameters of the password is not possible. To be able to log on to the wireless router again, all previous configurations must be emptied. The specific method is as follows.

Small tip:

I have introduced to you how to use the wireless router system vulnerabilities to modify the Netgear product login management password, interested readers can search IT168 Family network channel related articles.

The first step: connect the power to the case of the wireless router in hand, view the device back panel.

The second step: generally in the equipment behind the panel we will see a small hole, the top of the hole will be written similar to the words Reset, this is the reset key. Find a pin (normal ballpoint pen can also) plug directly into the hole, and hold on for 30 seconds to 1 minutes after release.

The third step: After completing the above operation, we will be able to use the wireless router's default password to log in, just the original parameter settings information would also disappear, the router back to the factory state. As for the default Administrator account information and password in the end is how many readers can query the product specification.

The following author Luo lists some common wireless router's default password and the account information, helps you to inquire.

tp-link--username admin, password admin

Shenzhou Digital-user name is ADSL, password is ADSL1234

Huawei-User name and password are admin

Reality--Username: User password: Password or user name: root password: grouter

dd-wrt--Username: root Password: admin

moto--Username: admin Password: Motorola

Emma--Username: admin Password: Admin user name: Szim Password: Szim

  Third, WEP and WPA encryption information to retrieve:

WEP and WPA are only used to improve the security of wireless network data transmission by setting up WEP and WPA encryption authentication information for wireless routers and wireless card communications, which protects privacy by prohibiting unauthorized persons from connecting to the wireless network. But sometimes a user forgets the key used by WEP or WPA encryption information, and how can you retrieve that information?

In fact, this information is stored in the wireless router configuration file, as long as we can log into the wireless device governance interface can be recovered WEP and WPA encryption using the key information, as follows.

The first step: normal login to the wireless router governance interface. The author is Tp-link wr541g, so the following is mainly based on the model of the equipment as an example to introduce.

Step two: Then go to the "Wireless parameters" option and find "Basic settings." At this setting, we can see clearly the information about wireless data encryption.

Step three: Security type after you select WEP or WPA, you can view the plaintext key information in the key selection below. In this way we will successfully wep,wpa encrypted information back.

  Iv. recovery of local WEP authentication information:

Readers who have configured WEP encryption transmissions know that in addition to setting up secure encryption information such as WEP on the wireless router, we also set up the wireless adapter on the local computer to use the appropriate WEP. But how do we get back when we accidentally forget this WEP authentication information needs to be reconnected?

Perhaps some readers will say that directly follow the method described above to the wireless router query can be. So if you actually use the wireless router's password you do not know?

For example, my friend and I have a total of two computers, usually the wireless router is governed by friends, password I do not know, I use the computer WEP information are friends in advance for me to set up good, I do not know. And then I got a computer and wanted to connect to the wireless network, which happened to be a friend. Can I read the key from WEP information saved on my computer?

The answer is yes, the following author to introduce.

The first step: we need a dedicated local query WEP and other cryptographic information gadgets, you IT168 readers can go to http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/wirelesskeyview.zip this address to download.

The second step: Of course, the default software is the English interface, if not familiar with the English language can download Chinese-language package, the specific address for http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/trans/wirelesskeyview_schinese.zip.

The third step: Download the decompression, will be in the Chinese package in the file to Wirelesskeyview uncompressed directory. Run the WirelessKeyView.exe program directly. If no WEP information has been saved locally, the interface will not display anything.

Fourth step: When we save the WEP encryption information locally, the software will immediately extract the relevant key value, directly displayed very intuitive. This allows us to set up a new computer to connect to the WEP-encrypted wireless network by using the key.

Small tip:

Of course, the key value we used was to automatically assign the WEP encryption key, If we manually set WEP-related information can also be found through the WirelessKeyView.exe, such as the author manually set the WEP information after 1980291980 of the key information directly displayed in the Wirelesskeyview main interface.

  V. Summary:

Of course, this article is mainly about how to retrieve the password after forgetting how to recover this method, in the actual use of the process of the author or recommend that you strengthen the safety of wireless equipment to prevent others malicious intrusion, password information should also remember not to forget easily. I hope this article can help more friends to solve practical problems.

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