Word-of-mouth Marketing to the blog, Web sites, businesses bring three win

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A website does not talk about profit is a very unrealistic thing, just like a person, to survive, you have to eat first. And the same is true for Web sites, you want to run, there must be an economic source, unless in reality you have to spend money, like Bill Gates every good to thousands of dollars in the flow of accounting calculations, or the government as the backing to operate, and then willingly to create a website for people to do a public good thing! But this is not realistic, a lot of people are disgusted with the site to talk about profit, but this is a very realistic thing, no that portal does not want to profit from it!

Very early to hear people say, the site is like rivers and lakes, in fact this sentence is not very appropriate, more appropriate to say that the network more sinister than the lake. If you want to create a new portal in the legendary world you want to be the boss, you have to have the skills of Megatron to do the backing. If Shaolin has 72 stunts, King Kong Palm, Dragon Claw hand; Wudang has the Taiji sword method, Taijiquan, Emei has Emei marksmanship, Freemasons boxing; If there is no such pressure at the bottom of the work as a backing, you will not become a lake on the top of the door pie, there is no one to join your door pie! And on the internet want to run a portal site, no own characteristics, do not have their own unique perspective, not their own careful planning, no strong economic conditions to do as backing, no exuberant popularity, it is difficult to base on the network, to the time must be quietly, quietly and go, turn around, the network does not leave a shadow. For my own, I had the honor of turning over the internet for several years, looking at the rise and fall of several well-known websites! People have unforeseen, the site has a thriving decline is a very normal thing! But the root of decay is where, most rigidly adhere to the old network propaganda way, do not know to innovate, did not follow the pace of the Times forward! To know that people are a new generation for the old people, if you want to run a website for a long time, do not know to pull a new generation of netizens, not to innovate, will lose no already!

A river lake is bound to have Shangjian walking warrior, will add legendary color, they road see uneven, comes, showing a pair of heroic spirit of indomitable. And for the web, the emergence of the blog filled this gap, every blog is like the "warrior", they see the ugly reality, they are the sword, touch the keyboard, for the country, for the people's livelihood, for the world to speak, everyone's heart is carrying a mission! This mission allows every blog to find the fun of life!

For businesses, as long as there are business opportunities will appear in their shadow, and in different times, businesses will find the most advanced way to promote their own products, occupy the market! From traditional newspapers, television, web sites, to today's personal blog. Have witnessed the development trend of an ERA! Some people have said that personal blog will be the future of business to sell their products the main channel! Naturally, all this is needed time to test, in the present that has not yet spoken with reality, we dare not to assert! But one thing is to be sure, smart businessmen will be looking at the publicity of personal blog!

At this point, Bo Net do very well, it first explored the blog profit model, tried the hot topic of Word-of-mouth Marketing! This kind of marketing is the first wave, because each blog is not only "cyber warrior", their identity in reality is the consumer, customers, as long as you business products quality, get their recognition, be praised, equal to occupy the network market! In this era, as long as a product in the network has been praised, to be recognized by many blogs, equal to occupy the market opportunities.

Just like years ago, was fortunate enough to get a Bo pull through the monument-style marketing to get a bottle of free Wuliangye country dry wine, together with a few friends to share, when a few guys drank, feel good taste. All said that if you buy wine later, you will not forget Wuliangye cognac dry red wine. Naturally, they buy and do not buy, we do not dare to guarantee, you can also say that I drank their free red wine for them to say good, just as people said on weekdays, "eat the mouth of others short, take the leprous." "But one thing I can be sure of, these guys, they never lie before me."

Wuliangye Cognac dry red wine through the success of the promotion, Bo Net harvest benefits, but also to provide a better platform for the blog, and the blog from the corresponding benefits. In this network competition cigarettes four times, bo net Word-of-mouth marketing way to the website, blog, Business brought three win. Nothing but has gone to the front end of the website profit!

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